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Tony Walker
Exploring the art of Happiness..
Exploring the art of Happiness..

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Please read the rules before posting. No YouTube links, no production work, mix tapes only. Remove your YouTube links now.

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Merry Christmas everyone.. 

hi. im not going to accept new members who cant be arsed to display a profile pic. sorry..

New Deep house mixtapes anyone?

We don't have to many mixtapes being posted these days. To many selfish members just trying to pimp their lame tracks, youtube uploads and crappy online radio shows.
If you any good at mixing deep house share your mixtape on here, we have over 2000 members, if we like your tunes maybe we will visit your page and download your tracks this way?

peeps still spamming the group with youtube links, production, radio shows. we're not interested. drop a mixtape to get our interest?

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