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Quantification and Counting with Freebies
Quantification is the act of counting or measuring; to indicate, determine, or express quantity. This ability follows a developmental sequence.  There are three levels: 1. Global Quantification- This is what I like to call  "eyeballing it."  I do this as a ...

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Science Activities and More
I haven't disappeared!  I was taking a class that was so time consuming, I had no time for anything else.  Fortunately, I made it and it's over! It's not fancy, but my class had a great time making this community town.  It consisted of paper printouts of to...

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Five for Friday: Read Across America & More
It's Five for Friday! Thank you to Kacey for hosting! 1 These are alphabet cut outs glued on construction paper with smiley faces at the top so the children know where to start! The bottom has stamped rectangle boxes so students can practice with a pencil. ...

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Five for Friday: Turtles, Buckets, and Writing. Oh my!
I am linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching with my five! 1 I have been working with my students on the "turtle."  This strategy originated from PATHS but I have seen adapted versions around the internet.  When students get angry, sad, or extrem...

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Character Building Buckets (Free Resources)
Many of you, like me, have been reading and using Carol McCloud's book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"  This is in hopes to create better character development in our students. I introduced the concept to my class by reading the book and then having discu...

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December Show and Tell
This display is pattern block snowflakes, hand-cut snowflakes and decorated foam trees. This year I purchased clipart to create my own Hanukkah and Kwanzaa materials. We have been working on our math shapes unit. One of the activities is to fill in a shape ...

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Little Miss Muffet and other Random Stuff
I am linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching with my five!  I am also linking up with Stephanie over at Forever in Fifth Grade with my four! I knew I had seen Shape Turkeys somewhere, so I searched the internet high and low for it.  Several days ...

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Five for Friday: October Activities
It's time for Five for Friday , the weekly link up party! Here are my five... 1 I love how these turned out!  The children traced shapes, cut them out, and made the faces themselves choosing the color paper they desired. 2 These Humpty Dumpty projects were ...
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