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Biosphere 2
Science Museum
Today 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
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32540 S Biosphere Rd Oracle, AZ 85739
32540 South Biosphere RoadUSArizonaOracle85739
Science Museum, Research FoundationToday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
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Modeled on Earth, this science center offers tours of a rainforest & ocean in a 3-acre greenhouse.- Google
"This tour guide needs retraining or relocating to a different line of work."
5 reviewers
"Our visit was pretty much ruined by our tour guide though."
4 reviewers
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Janelle Sadar
4 weeks ago
My husband and I had a very interesting and informative afternoon at Biosphere2. The tour is not intended for the very young, elderly or those with physical difficulties. Our tour guide was very good and tried to keep the group involved with questions and a few jokes. Regarding all the comments about Biosphere2 "just being an overgrown greenhouse"...that what the earth, Biosphere1, is. There is no such thing as a failed experiment, it is a work in progress; that's what science is. The only person in our 35+ tour group that knew what Biosphere1 is was an 8-yearold boy! No, this tour is not a trip to Disneyland or Las's a science experiment. Well done, well maintained.
• • •
David Holmstrom's profile photo
David Holmstrom
3 months ago
This will sound like a lot of the other reviews, but I too was very bothered by the tour guide! It was great to see the Bioshpere2 and the engineering that went into it, but having to listen to the tour guide rant about his personal beliefs and feel like we were being lectured the whole time really spoiled the day. I normally don't write reviews, but after listening to the tour guide talk about how he believes in following the law, then to have him go into telling how some of the plants and trees were brought in illegally by a gentleman because sometimes the greater good overrides the law was to much. The University of Arizona is trying to turn the Bioshpere2 into a money making tour machine and they are letting the structure rust in places and need to be careful if the tour guides are turning people off by spouting their personal opinions. The tour guide also kept asking for the group to send other people their way that would want to see the tour. After seeing it once, I would have a hard time recommending someone paying the high admission price. Seeing the Karchner caverns was a much better outing.
• • •
Kristina Maakestad's profile photo
Kristina Maakestad
7 months ago
My grandmother and I went on the guided tour and were amazed. It's more than about the biology but the fats of human ingenuity and engineering that made it possible. Our tour guide was amazing.
Beach Bum
a week ago
Thank you commenters; I won't bother to drive all the way out there now.
Jeffrey Jordan's profile photo
Jeffrey Jordan
2 months ago
The worst part is they have no facilities for people who don't take the tour. If you arrive with a carload of people and some want to tour and others don't, or can't because they can't do all the walking (e.g., the elderly), the others cannot go to the cafe, they can't go to the scenic overlook, they can't even wait in the visitor center because they kick you out at 4:30 and the tours go well past 5. So don't stop here on a roadtrip with grandma unless you are happy leaving her in the scorching heat or freezing cold of the parking lot. I'm frankly stupefied that the folks who engineered the Biosphere fell so flat on their faces engineering the visitor experience to the Biosphere. Staff were very business-like and not friendly. I hesitate to say rude, but my experience with them was not pleasant.
• • •
Rick Ranalli
9 months ago
There is nowhere else on Earth like Biosphere 2. The complex itself is a marvel of engineering and the past and ongoing science behind it is fascinating. Science can benefit as much from unexpected results and mistakes as it does from "successes," so the initial highly-publicized original experiment was certainly not a "failure". The worst part about the tour was the tour guide. He was rude, impatient, and nearly disinterested in what he was saying. I really wanted to give a 5-star rating, but the Univ. of Arizona (owner of B2) should be more careful with their public relations. The tour guide is really the only significant representative guests are likely to meet. Great for: Adults and teenagers, science/engineering or recent history buffs, inquiring minds... Not great for: Young children, people who have difficulty with stairs
• • •
Liz Mackall
a year ago
Fascinating history and some of the areas were truly awe-inspiring. Our visit was pretty much ruined by our tour guide though. She was just horrible and painful to listen to. Flip-flopped back and forth from being defensive and self-congratulatory. Screeched at us and harangued us for nearly 10 minutes for not taking care of our planet! Very disjointed presentation. Film at the outset of the tour was primarily a marketing piece. If I ever go again I will certainly take the self-guided tour.
• • •
John Council's profile photo
John Council
a year ago
My parents and I visiting for the weekend. Looked this up before going. Nearly avoided the tour due to previous tourists' poor reviews but went anyway to satisfy our own curiosity. We are so glad that we did! It is an amazing experience. It is remarkable for its history and its unique architecture. Also the technology and engineering of the Lungs and all the planning that went into this lab. It is unfortunate that some people have labeled the initial experiment as a failure because that to me somehow implies that it is not worth visiting. They couldn't be farther from the truth. Science is about learning from the results of an experiment and that is what happened here. In fact there are still scientists from around the world using this amazing facility to do research that is even now benefitting the planet. Some people's reviews also implied their disappointment at not finding the gardens to be pristine, like something you would see at the Opryland Hotel. It is an environment created for research and functionality, but I found it to be beautiful. It is well worth supporting the continuing research and the experience of living history and inspiring scientists to think outside the box!
• • •