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Radoslav Chovan

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it is possible to make this ( work on current AICP rom with Sony Xperia devices ?

+SpiritCroc SC

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Build 20170110
- after first install an before reboot letters on app drawer was visible. After reboot they aren't visible. See picture
- after reboot some setting aren't saved (night mode, live display, disable HW overlays)

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Can't modify quick buttons on latest build 20170110.
When I try to move button, I lost focus.

Hi, can anyone with Xperia Z1C share experience with AICP ROM ? Thank you.

Hi, I want to switch on my Xperia Z1C to AICP 12.1 ROM. I have several questions:
1. Your rom is based on Cyanogenmod, does it mean that version 12.1 is for CM 12.1 which is Android 5.1?
2. Did you merge Sony AOSP 7.0 modifications ( ?
3. Does upgrade damage/deactivate/delete DRM keys for Sony Camera and other apps from Sony?
4. On XDA I have read, that some Nougat roms have problem with SIM card. This version is affected too?
5. Do you have list of known issues for Xperia Z1C?

Thank You

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