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I have a question regarding the 'Orpheum Theater' in Vancouver, CANADA ...  I know many shows have been filmed there, including My Favorite 'Fringe' ... I'm curious to know if I'm correct in this GUESS?  Back in the 80's, hit T.V. Show 'Stingray' with Star NICK MANCUSO in the Episode 'Blood Money' with Guest Star 'John Amos', the intro with Nick's Character entering the Theater to meet with John Amos Character, was this filmed at the 'Orpheum'??  I've watched BOTH Fringe and Stingray a zillion time's, and just recently watching FRINGE it hit me, that building seemed familiar! Knowing BOTH shows had been filmed in Vancouver, what are the chances?  Am I even CLOSE???  Thanks!             +Nick Mancuso  +Nick Mancuso 
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