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Strata Conference: Strata Rx | Strata + Hadoop World | Strata in Europe
Strata Conference: Strata Rx | Strata + Hadoop World | Strata in Europe

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The O'Reilly Strata +Google+ page has moved.

You can find us at the official  +O'Reilly Media page for more news and content or continue the conversation on Twitter @Strataconf:

Thank you for following O'Reilly Strata.

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As the number of devices surpasses the number of people — an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020 — applications that depend on #data stored in graphs with many more nodes and edges will have many more use cases.

Why business users are becoming more comfortable with graph analytics:

#Strataconf post by +ben lorica on +O'Reilly Radar. 

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Free #Strataconf Webcast July 29 at 10am PT/ 12pm ET: Up Your R Game- Break Through R Limitations

Join James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer of +Teradata , as they present how to make open source R massively scalable, reliable & easy to use

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At its best, anomaly detection is used to find unusual, rarely occurring events or #data for which little is known in advance. Examples include changes in sensor data reported for a variety of parameters, suspicious behavior on secure websites, or unexpected changes in web traffic.

#Strataconf post by +Ellen Friedman  brought to you by +MapR : 'New Approaches to Anomaly Detection'

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Why we should build an open and true #IoT by +Phil Windley, Curated Code, Hackable Browser, and Better Treemaps for #Data Visualization.  

4 Short Links by +Nat Torkington on +O'Reilly Radar

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New ‪#‎Strataconf‬ Survey: What are your challenges in ‪#‎CloudAnalytics‬? Answer a few questions from +Teradata about the use of the #cloud for ‪#‎bigdata‬ analytics.

See the responses & enter to win +Google Nexus 10 Tablet or $250 in +O'Reilly ebooks & videos:

With many different choices for cloud services, we want to figure out what's working best for you.

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New #Strataconf post 'A practical example of how anomaly detection makes complex data problems easier to solve' by +Ellen Friedman  brought to you by +MapR.

Learn how best results are achieved when you use statistical methods to build an adaptive model of events in the system you are analyzing as a first step toward discovering anomalous behavior: 

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Live #Strataconf Webcast July 24 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET: How to Get Started with Deep Learning in Computer Vision with +Pete Warden  and +ben lorica

From downloading the source and #data, setting up the dependencies and environment, compiling, and then executing the libraries as part of a program, you'll be shown how to solve your own computer vision problems.

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The #InternetofThings could create $2.7- $6.2 trillion annual economic impact by 2025. Why the climate is ripe for #Iot & Connected Devices: O'Reilly Radar post via Microsoft:

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Join a live #Strataconf Webcast July 8th at 9amPT/ 12pm ET: Super Simple Real-Time Big Data Backend: Crate Data with +ben lorica and +Jodok Batlogg to learn how a web service can be deployed with the full service stack (data and application) on a single node:

Crate Data is an open source project that attempts to provide a super simple developers' nirvana - a real time SQL data store for big data - using elasticsearch, Lucene, Netty and Presto. 
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