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Moe “The Gamefather” Tousignant
Gaming Ambassador for Windsor Ontario
Gaming Ambassador for Windsor Ontario

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From Matthew Lowes
Finally got this dungeon colored! Been pretty busy with writing and editing recent projects.

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Have to agree with +acrobatadosmil here. This is a great result.
Great results with the watercolor, I think. 
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Really like this one. Unfortunatley it's uncredited. 
So I found this site from someone on G+ (can’t remember who, but I wish I did so I can tell them thank you) and this is a pretty cool map maker. I’ve only toyed with it a couple of times so far, but I like what I am seeing so far. I just wanted […]

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Wow I had no idea Castles & Crusades was up to a 7th edition. Well really based on what this page says more of a 7th printing as there isn't really a lot of changes and things are backward compatible.

It's not a system I've personally played. But I admit I'm tempted $15 for both the print and PDF version of the Player's book seems very reasonable.

Did my name get shared on a review site or something?

In the last 12 hours I've gotten offers to review 6 different products, and at least 5 people asking for me to promote their kickstarters (out of the kindness of my heart). 

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From Derek Von Zarovich
Elven Tower presents a new addition to the vault :) An ambush scene during an otherwise boring travel. Make sure you visit the site, there are four different options on how to run an encounter like this. Or at least, they will set your imagination to work.

You might want to check out my crowdfunding page, it makes all I do possible

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Need some new tools for drawing those maps?

Amazing deal on Prismacolor. 150 pack for 74% off.
I don't draw well. Never have. I enjoy it, occasionally. And I love using colored pencils. My dad is an architect by training, and in school, he took a ton of art classes. Enough that he almost minored in art (but he was tired of school, and I don't blame him).

My dad - I don't talk about him much, but I should. He's really an amazing guy. He can draw, paint, sculpt, cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroider, and more. He went through a lot of colored pencils, trying to decide what he liked best.

These are the pencils he decided on, before everything went digital.

And this deal is crazy.

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