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Gaming Ambassador for Windsor Ontario

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From +Dyson Logos
The old stone structure at the end of the lake by Devil’s Creek has been quiet but not abandoned for a few years now and the town folk know to keep their distance. Once the lakehouse of Viscount Tramur, it is now home to strange and somewhat disturbing demonic Kabuki infestation. The white-faced demons maintain the grounds immediately around the lakehouse and are said to grab anyone coming too close and forcing them to watch their endless plays… and then something even more foul perhaps, as no one has yet returned.

Sure, the white-faced Kabuki demons might actually be a team of hobgoblins with a penchant for makeup and scary stories, but either way, they have managed to cow the locals and thus to live in some semblance of peace out here. And perhaps their disguise and performance skills are honed enough that they could pass themselves off as not-so-local farmers when they come into town to resupply...

Every month that Patreon funding remains over the $400 mark I sift through my back catalog and bring up a selection of maps that my patrons then vote on as to which will be released under the free commercial-use license. This month the top choice was one I posted back in 2014 right before I started the Dyson MegaDelve – Tramur’s Lakehouse. Tramur's Lakehouse was originally drawn over three pages in my moleskine notebook and the three drawings were combined into this map.

You can download the map for your free personal or commercial use from the blog post at


I'm on a fence right now. On one side of that fence is Classic Battletech. Hexes on cardboard maps with standees and tech readouts with lots and lots of little circles on them. Oh and a 4-8 hour playtime. On the other side of that fence is Battletech Alpha Strike. Rulers, miniatures and cards represnting mechs. And a 2 hour playtime.

I've been sorting pictures on my PC while listening to podcasts over the last few days. One of the folders I found had pictures from a Windsor Gaming Resource event at the Green Bean Cafe near the U of W. This was a Battletech event. I shared the picture when I found it but it hasn't left my mind since.

For whaever reason that picture has rekindled a big desire to play Battletech again. The thing is I remember that day and how long we played. It was at least 6 hours, it may have been more. I also remember that we did not completely finish the game, it was obvious who was winning and the venue was closing. I also remember a huge tournament at one of the old Windsor Gaming Society cons. I was in it, after 8 hours I was glad my lance was destroyed so I could go do something else. The game itself ended up lasting more than 12 hours. They ended up having to leave it set up overnight and come back to it in the morning.

This game always sticks out in my head as amazing, but the deeper I look back the more I remember just how long it can be.

Now I remembered being at Orgins 2014 and Catalyst was showing off something called Alpha Strike a new quick play Battletch. I remember trying to get a demo in but it never working out.

The other day while doing Tabletop Deals work I found Alpha Strike for 25% off. I almost bought it right away. The only thing stopping me was the rather large pile of stuff I'm still waiting on Han Solo to deliver. But I can't get it out of my mind.

I did some more research and found a better price. I fould mecha sets for under $7 each. These each contain 4 minis, a full lance plus dry erase ready cards for Alpha Strike. I even found a better deal on the core rulebook. I leaned that Catalysts Website Sucks and that Btech is confusing as hell as there are like 5 different version out there. There's also an Alpha Strike boxed set that I can pre-order everywhere but that isn't mentioned on Catalysts site at all (expect old forum posts from 2015).

No game is worth buying if I don't get to play it (this is my mantra for 2017). So to this end I put up some posts on the WGR and Facebook to see if there was any interest, and thankfully there was. Actually already talked to the FLGS and I'm going to run a special WGR event in April that will be Battletech only.

So this gets back to the fence. Right now I have the original Battletech Boxed set with chits and standees. I have a later version, I think from the 90s that replaces the standees with minis, so I have some minis. I have a friend willing to bring his collection of painted minis and version of the rules (his version came out between the two sets I own). What I don't have is the latest version of BattleTech Classic or Alpha Strike.

I keep thinking that for a public play event, Alpha Strike which they claim can be played in under 2 hours, may be the way to go. This will let a variety of people at least touch this world without having to dedicate a day to it. I also think that the grognards will probably dig a full game, maybe with low tunnage to keep it shorter.

I'm thinking the best of both worlds would be for me to pick up Alpha Strike, learn it and I teach that while, Doak, the friend mentioned above runs a game of Classic Battletech. Even with that though I'm thinking picking up the latest version of the rules may be worth it. I know they haven't changed much at all over the years, but they have changed a bit. If I was a new gamer or new to this game and came out I would want to play the game as it exists now, so that if I did decide to get into the game, I would already know the most recent ruleset. This is also better for the FLGS we are running the store at as people can buy exactly what they just played.

So what should I do? Do I pick up Alpha strike and maybe one or two lances of mechs to try it out? Do I go all in on Alpha Strike and pick up all the boxed miniature sets the rulebook and the expansion, mainly since I don't really have many minis for battletech right now (and man it's so much cooler with minis over standees). Do I foroget Alpha Strike and just pick up the new Classic Battletech Rulebook and check up on rules changes? Do I pick up both, and maybe some minis? Or do I just stick with what Doak and I have and play the classic game I remember?

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Preview image of the new edition.

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Travel time in your oneshot? Why not have the PCs attacked during the night?

If you like stuff like this, help me make more at

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More Schley
Here's a couple of new citadel maps I created for the D&D supplement Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos tablet.

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Does anyone know if this is to scale? The word Mini in the title makes me think it's not.

Is 2" x 3.5" about right for a classic com?

Nothing in this community about the new edition?

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From +David Garrett

Map for Savage Worlds
I updated the map in the Sepulcher of Gloom One Shot. It's not uber Photoshop pretty, but it's better than nothing.


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Titan dungeon mite incoming! The beast with the two butts!
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