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Kyle Hernandez
I am NOT a spelunker.
I am NOT a spelunker.

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I upgraded to the #GalaxyNexus  yesterday and I am loving Jellybean and everything else about it. That and I have always been team Samsung.

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Just because you are Apple does not mean you can ignore a court order.
The Apple vs Samsung battle rages on. 

Apple was originally ordered to issue a simple notice to correct perceptions that Samsung had copied Apple’s products after a UK court ruled in Samsung’s favor on Oct. 18. Instead, Apple inserted four paragraphs that make it appear as though Samsung did copy Apple’s “cool[er]” iPad, and suggest that the UK court’s ruling was out of line with those of other courts.

Kinda forgot I had one of these... Maybe I'll start using it again haha

This made my day.

Mitt Romney is the one non-handicapped guy competing in the Special Olympics, and he’s just barely winning. -- Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane)

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Taco soup!

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About time Google started throwing punches.
Soon, even if you buy an iPhone, you may be handing Google over some of your hard earned money.

Looking to earn back some of the $12.5 billion it’s spending to buy Motorola Mobility, Google sent a letter to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers looking for a maximum 2.25% cut of sales for phones that use Motorola’s technology, including Apple‘s iPhone.
Is this greed, on Google's part, or is it only fair?

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An interesting take on Apple's textbook agenda. Some very valid points, I think.

Way to fuck up all the progress we made. How about you hack something useful next time and not give everyone a reason to write new, nastier bills to replace the ones we just defeated.

#OpMegaUpload: like watching "War Games" play out, but with cyber-bombs. In the aftermath of Wednesday's SOPA/PIPA blackout protests, the Internet co...

Anyone have a tumblr? I'm looking for interesting people to follow.
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