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Earl Starkey
Travel Specialist for Turkey, Owner of sophisticated-travel in Turkey
Travel Specialist for Turkey, Owner of sophisticated-travel in Turkey

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Where we are with tourism in Turkey right now

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Cappadocia is one of the destinations for June in features our services there.

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For a more creative brain, Travel

This was a fantastic client review from last week for sophisticated-travel

Dear Lisa, Earl, Riza, Oya, Gokhan, Basri and Mehmet,

Thank you for a real team effort putting our trip together! It was wonderful, actually better than we expected.

Lisa, thank you for listening, and making adjustments to our trip, as well as suggesting places to go and sites to see. We had several revisions and we truly appreciated the time you put into making our trip exceptional! I must say, I respect your work ethic as you got back to me at various times both off and during normal business hours and days. Shows true commitment. Thank you.

To, Riza, Oya, Gokham, and Basri, you were all so wonderful. WE travel frequently and often use guides, inevitably there is always one, who doesn't measure up and we are disappointed or call the tour short. Not with any you! You were all outstanding, we not only learned, but your enthusiasm for the sites and experiences, including the food was infectious!!!! Additionally, my heart strings were pulled the way you treated our son. He is a man of the world, and very independent. But, My husband and I were truly struck how starting with Riza, you pulled our son aside, at end of the day and gave him your contact info and emphasized whatever, he needs, during his time in Turkey, anything, anything at all, to please reach each out to you.

My sense is this didn't come down, as a mandate, but rather from each of your hearts. Wow! Thank you. Who knows, you may just hear from him.

Also, thank you to Mehmet, a very nice young man, despite our language barrier, we enjoyed his warm smile and very good driving, didn't go unnoticed.

The trip, truly exceeded our expectations- despite the travel warnings, we never felt concerned. We felt the warmth of the Turks, enjoyed the sites, our biggest surprise, was the food, fantastic! Regardless, of where we dined, or where you took us, all GREAT picks!!!

I can assure you, I have been encouraging people to go. Bottom line, if we stay away because of fear, they win. We can't let that happen.

I hope I can convince some friends to go, and I will for sure, rec. your company. Travel, makes us more compassionate, smarter and savvy. Turkey has much to offer.

As Lisa says, Turkey gets under your skin. I think that is true, I have a feeling we will be back one day. I look forward to receiving the tile picture and ceramic wine decanter and cups. Basri- we should have bought a rug! Another reason to return.

Good luck to all of you, many many thanks, if there is anything I can do, to help you, please let me know. Should your travels every bring you to The Boston area, you are always welcome.

All the best,
Cori and Rick 

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Why is Turkey crazy for Tulips

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Istanbul is named one of places to visit in April.  sophisticated-travel gets a mention. So happy. Thank you Wendy Perrin 

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Tripadvisor names top ten destinations for 2016 and Istanbul is number 2

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An excellent article and great advice from Wendy Perrin on security and safety in travel

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+Wendy Perrin advises Where to go in April.  Happy that Istanbul and my services are mentioned in this post from  

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Today is International Guide's Day.
Happy World Guide's Day to all of our wonderful guides. We are lucky to have the best in Turkey. 
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