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Buy Me! :) there is various colour to choose..

Post has shared content is my mom's birthday and I promised her that I wouldn't post any pictures of her but if you squint at this beautiful lotus and add a little more gray...
But that doesn't matter because as beautiful as every son thinks his mom is, what really matters is how much this particular son has come to appreciate her for all she did, put up with, put away, vacuumed away, etc.
Now if I can only get her to stick around for another 78 years so she has a chance to see me eventually figure out everything she taught me.
At least my attitude is improving. (But at least now, I can blame it all on the time she left me in Texas to go next door.)
Happy birthday, Mom! I love you ginormously.

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Check Out My Video :)

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Just sharing...

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This is not fair for corby 2 user too... please,@youtube

Love you for who you are!
#<3 yourself! :)

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My Fav song

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