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Jordan Greenberg
Radio Producer / Pro Sports DJ
Radio Producer / Pro Sports DJ

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Just checking back on Google Plus... still nothing going on here

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This is the best thing i've read in a long while

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Credit to Abe Gordon for showing me this one...

NHL is releasing videos of why they chose certain suspensions to the public. Good step ? Or too much info?

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I'll be able to tell my Grandkids that I was there for the worst rundown in MLB History.

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I'm disappointed that I didn't think of using Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name" earlier than I did. Fail...but I got it in there.

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Evanescence has a new single out? Would you agree they were a less-talented version of Paramore, but still acceptable?

I wish they made a Four Square or Yelp specifically for public bathrooms, including: cleanliness, TP Quality, and Urinal Cake smell. 

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It's stuck in my head, and its pretty not terrible.

So, yesterday I have my interaction with my new best friend, the Praying Mantis, and today, two other weird green mutant bugs are trying to mate on my door frame. Men in Black is happening people.
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