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What a great family day!

If you didn't nearly take down your company's CRM website this morning, you're not trying hard enough. #omg

I know country music has infected me when I find it soothing on a Monday morning. #whathappenedtome


I heard something on a podcast this morning that got me to thinking: "We are a self-obsessed society and only post on social media what we want the world to see of us. What stops the media from only posting pictures and stories of a certain worldview they want the masses to see?" There's your food for thought on this lazy Sunday.

I started a journey back in February that only a few knew about and today I reached my goal of successfully passing my real estate brokers exam! I'm so excited for this opportunity to provide for my family a better financial life!!!

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Be careful, the stupid people are already out on the freeways! Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

What is your all-time favorite song about #America that causes you to tear up or throw up your rock fists and yell "HELL YEAH!"? #USA #4thofJuly

With how horrible the traffic is getting into the city, how does business in #Seattle not choke on itself? This is ridiculous!
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