Something for my Nikon friends to ponder...

Nikon MF / aka Nikon Mirrorless F-Mount

I have been thinking a lot about what I would want Nikon to do for a full frame mirrorless camera. I don't care about tiny sizes like the Panasonic and other 4/3 systems.  I actually like the size of the Nikon Df, but I also love the capabilities of my D810. So why mirrorless if it's not smaller?  Removing the mirror and prism alone saves a bunch on weight.  Weight that is not needed.  So with that, here is what I would love to see.

- Sized like the Nikon DF (maybe a hair smaller), where the prism block contains GPS/Wifi sensors and the EVF system.
- Somewhere between 16 and 24 megapixels
- Full frame CMOS sensor
- OIS sensor (not super important, but would be nice)
- FX or DX format
- Ability to accept non-ai lenses
- SDHC/SDXC memory cards
- Electronics Viewfinder as large or larger than Fuji XT1
- Tilty swivly LCD screen
- Live View
- Video
- GPS  (not super important, but would be nice)
- Wifi (not super important, but would be nice)
- Dials for any options instead of needing the menu (like the DF)
- 6-10 FPS
- Phase detection
- Contrast detection
- Focus peaking
- Large ISO range like the D810
- Large shutter speed range like the D810
- Hot shoe
- Flash compensation 
- Weather-Resistant
- Auto bracket with up to 9 brackets at 1 - 3 full stops
- Priced around the Sony A7II range: $1,698.00
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