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MIUI V4 for Sgs2 I9100 and HTC Sensation G14 will be released this Friday!
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Ler Ws
Woah! Is the video camera working properly for the sensation?
please please get it to galaxy tab p1000!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah!!!!! after a long wait, finally!
Ler Ws
Hmm what time will they release it?
+Ler Ws ...and we want that down to the minute, GMT, too, don't we? :) seriously, great news, no ETA required ... !
Ler Ws
Hahas agreed, too bad HTC dont want to give us sense 4.0 :( I'm gonna try this for a change
Yeah! im so excited! after long wait, my SGS2 will have MIUI V4!!
Kay kay
how come android cartoons have no necks
Ler Ws
+Kayaira Streety hmm cause their heads are hovering and usually that empty part is the mouth
Looking forward to it!!!
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