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"Knowing Computers" The world's worst burden....
Hey, you know computers? Share if u do.
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Odd part about this picture is I would think by looking at them the roles should be reversed
I don't either, but I'm a Geek not a Nerd :P
Anna F
ahaha so it really is race and not the glasses. you're a racist shithead.
WTH are you talking about +Anna Peeples when did I say anything about his race? I thought the one guy looked nerdier, i actually only noticed two white looking men, sounds like you are the one obsessed with race, so have a great day.
My whole family ask me fix shit for free all tbe time. They feel like I'm technical support.
Smh at the tangent that just occurred lol.
Well, It is always like that, but not only for computer experts, also for fotographer.
so true, everywhere I go theres always some1 who needs something done...and they want it for free :/
They would not put it in so many words I believe.
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