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Do u remember this?
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Thanks for the reminder, but I already know I'm old. :)
awww crap Im old :P. I even remember windows 3.11 :(
I remember Amiga workbench 1.3 and I'm only 26!
I remember AOL. Then when I learned you could hack AOL and be on it without a subscription, I discovered AOHELL which automatically generated a new 30 trail code every 30 days :)
I remember that screen!! Granted I was just moving from our elementry school's Apple II to the Middle School's Windows system ;)
If you don't remember this you must be 12. Sounds better when Gene Wilder says it in my head.
Don't need to be old. My library uses it. I am 14 and I see it relatively regularly
ok im only 20 and i remember it
you cant use this for another 20 years at least :/
I still got this computer hiding somewhere in the store room lol
then you might be old or a good copier
DOS was actually my first, way before Windows and I turn 28 this year..
Man, I remeber MSDOS 4.0 and Windows 3.1
Which means you are a toddler!!!
Yes, +Joseph Cavanah , there are many youngsters around. Maybe we can find someone who ran a UNIVAC or something like that.
+Kaleb Hatake , when you were born, Windows 98 has been out over a year. You don't "Remember" this, you've just "Seen it before". Little different mate :) I have seen footage of when JFK got shot, but I don't remember it because I wasn't alive then.
I remember using Norton Commander... and playing Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion on it...
Really? Then it's way more superior than any other OS I know... I mean, colored folder backgrounds! That's awesome!
24 isn't old at all, I was 8 when this came out.

I still remember using it for the first time.
I still have my Amiga (1985). Anyone remember the Timex sinclair? 2k memory no way to save programs....
I Do and I'm Young, I just had an old computer.
I used to play outside when little...
If you don't remember this you probably have a degenerative brain disease
We were still using this 3 years ago on one computer because corp didn't want to get a new sit license for an expensive database.
"If you start me up...."
I not only remember this I remember it being cutting edge after fist using computers with dos 3.1
I was just talking about windows 95 yesterday with a coworker...
I kind of liked this logo back at the times. Even miss it a little bit...
I had someone call me the other day with tech questions for this os.
I am turning 30 on Saturday... woes....
I'm not old - wait, what were we talking about?
I just turned on one of the old systems which had windows 95 and it still works.
And I also remember the "START ME UP" campaign commercials with the ROLLING STONES SINGING START ME UP.
I remember this. I'm only 16, so...
The first computer I had was when I was like 6. 10 years ago we had a Windows 95.
That's not old, DOS 3.11 is old
I punched cards at the University. And I had an Apple ][.
This is nostalgic firs computer I got was Win 95.
I remember 3.1... and I took Quattro Pro and Word Perfect in school. Damn, I feel like I need a shower now!
I guess people who remember DOS 6.0 must be ancient
Pshh... if you remember Windows 3.1 your old.
I'm 22. I remember this clearly. I still remember 3.1 ;)
Ah, the good old days when Microsoft was innovating. These days, Microsoft doesn't innovate. They purchase other companies that used to innovate, but then they stop the innovation. Want a better world tomorrow? Boycott Microsoft today.
I used to use word perfect. Forget Win '95...
DOS-based word processors ftw!
The IBM AT had that black-and-green display that couldn't keep up with anyone typing over 40 wpm. Anyway, I know I'm old and I don't really care!
I remember that and I am only 23. Not really the definition of old.
+Mukesh Vashi Tell me about it. I remember writing batch file menus for DOS 2.1. I remember computers without hard drives, that would run from dual floppies. I remember paying 300 dollars for my first hard drive. It was 60MB. I remember when our school got its first TRS-80. I couldn't figure out what anyone would want with a computer.
I remember MS-DOS which had to be started with a 5 1/4 floppy disk... on a monocromatic green-screen
Dang I'm old, I'm remember that nightmarish OS
I remember asking for it for Christmas when I was 12.

That's right, I was pretty damn cool.
I was listening to Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" just now and realized that this album is 20 years old which makes me old.
I waited in line at a now defunct electronics chain store until after midnight so I could be on of the first to own it.... and yes, I feel old.
Rudy M
Dude, I am freakin' old then. I still remember Word Perfect 5.0 for DOS and it's blue screen with the little laminated template that slipped over your F key row. Do you remember that?
miss u a lot. I used to learn computer with you.
Rudy M
Okay, here is a question that only somebody who owned the original Windows95 upgrade CD would know the answer to: Microsoft included a music video in AVI format on the CD. Who was the artist and what was the song? Anyone? Anyone? ;) (this will be fun, I have fond memories of playing that video).
@Rudy Maldonado
It was a Weezer video I think (Buddy Holly)?
Isn't it called 95 because it came out in 1995? doesn't that mean that everybody born like 1993 is old?
I remember this and earlier and I am 21, if I am old 30 is dead lol
dude come still it the "new" old now?
That was back in the day. Im 24 tho, im not that old!!!
but i remember this and i am only 21............
Justin Berber quote: "Don't trust anyone that ever used Windows 95." (If you understand that reference, you probably are old.)
I'm 18 and I remember. And its not like it only existed that year
I remember PC-DOS 2.0. It had directories! Get off of my lawn!
Seriously though, my first computer was an Apple ][ and I actually used cassette tape for a year before I bought a floppy for it.
+Eric Pullin Been there too :) ... Any colour on screen you want, as long as it's a shade of green.
Hell, I'm ancient - I remember Windows 3.1
I waited outside Walmart the day this came out and paid $90 of my own money to buy it at the time....I was 14 or 15 years old at the time I believe.
yes i do remember, and i am not old, lol
I'm only 25, but that was the first OS I remember using.
If you think that is ancient, you are a n00b. I started programming on punch cards.
Anyone remember finally installing pre-release build 947 because it was finally stable enough for a work system?
Ahh the good ole days :) Back when using an expensive USB device with no real capacity would simply blue screen Windows because of driver issues.
Sean S
I was 12 in 1995 when I started using Windows 95. This was my first time ever being allowed to use a computer. Kids today have been using a computer their entire lives.
Sean S
I still have those huge floppy disks. One of them was from 1993 or 1994 that I got from my computer class at school to save my files.
Sean S
Some of you were born when Windows 95 came out. I feel old now lol
Hell I remember I used to power on my pc in the morning and make morning coffee and maybe take a shower before my pc us ready to launch ms word
Ouch! I remember MS Dos 3.2 so I guess I am ancient!
And those DOS boot floppies to get to 95 CDs... old but fun days.
I remember playing Pacman on Win95 :D ...but I'm not old^^ I'm 15 :]
i neva seen that before :) first time ever !
Assembly programming on Honeywell dumb terminals, anyone else here?
Umm - I still have MS-DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.11 Windows for Workgroups installation media. I know I am old. Thank you.
Yeah I remember that from some of the computers in high school, but that was in 2000, so I don't think I'm too old!
Ah, Windows 95. I have very fond memories of all those Blue Screens of Death I used to get. Good times, good times...
I must be old, I did my 3.11 to w95 update with the 3.5" floppies, all 32 or 35 of them.
Not only do I remember it I was trained to use it, resolve hardware conflicts on it, and network with it. And that was in the late 90's.
MS-DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.11 Windows for Workgroups.. yep .. figuring out config.sys, autoexec.bat netbeui/netbios for print over subnets.. miss those challenges
But...I'm only 21. Wait, does poor = old?
Am so glad I missed it.

Initial toying with RM 380z/commodore pet/bbc micro/Amiga 500 during school (as in <18), then used proper computers at uni (unknown mini, but mostly SunOS workstations, and a few Apollos).

Started work where it was mostly OS/2 - and when that finally become somewhat irrelevant it was a case of jumping on to Windows NT & on.

So at least all of these (arguably from the Amiga onwards) had a decent OS - especially the unix systems. Never had to deal with Windows which I'd never put in the same sentance as "operating system" ;-)
It's not that old. More like if you remember Windows 3.0 or Winword 6.
I have a sorting program my dad wrote in a huge box of cards. I sometimes use them as
wow I only remembering having 3 BSODs...all with Win95 lolol
not necessarily i remember it because ive worked on really old computers
If we remember this, we're probably the Director of your IT Department
I remember that and I'm only in college!!
I remember CP/M. VMS, JCL... I know I am old.
I wrote my first computer program in 1961. Feel a bit more sprightly now everyone ?
I remember it but when I used it (to play minesweeper), I thought computers were from Mars. I'm 25.
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If you remember this, you are over 20 (most people can remember things from then they were about 3 or 4). Is 20 old now? Never mind that the OS was in use for most of a decade, so there are likely 10 year olds that remember this...
Heck, at least it wasn't the good ole Floppy version..... though that couldn't fit in without a wide angle lens ;-)
I remember Windows being a hole in my cave wall!
I remember DOS (and miss it). My first computer did not have a hard drive and had only 256K of RAM. It had a 5 1/4" floppy drive, and a CGA monitor.  My memory upgrade chips looked like caterpillars. I remember when installing a hard drive required knowledge of low-level formatting procedures.
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