David and I have chosen the winner of the Discern Realities Shrine Contest (to be announced later) but we can’t decide on the runners up and so we need your help!

My remaining finalists can be found here:

Read through them and cast a vote for your favorite on this poll by Friday, June 16th at 11:59 PM EDT. The entry with the most votes will be named a runner up in the Shrine Contest. The entry’s author will receive a $20 gift card to DriveThru and be invited to co-host an episode of Discern Realities.

David and I recorded a special episode of Discern Realities where we briefly discussed what we liked about these entries. That episode can be found here:

If one of your entries is listed here, please do not talk about it or otherwise engage in any kind of campaigning throughout the community. Let’s keep it anonymous!
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Cliff of Shuachi
Idol of Sprague-el
Shrine of Niseria
Shrine of the Abyss
Shrine of the Unwritten
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