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A strange man indeed.
A strange man indeed.

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I had a revolting thought while I was getting ready for work this morning: January 20th, 2017 is likely to witness the largest gathering of the KKK since the Restoration era. Let's stop and think about that for a moment - the whitest, angriest, most heavily armed hate group in American history is going to gather in large, large numbers in Washington, D.C., one of the most racially diverse metropolitan areas in the country, with a large African American population. I foresee this leading to a great deal of bloodshed, on both sides.

I reiterate that you can claim to be a non-racist Trump supporter all you like, but the fact of the matter is you did not condemn it. This means you implicitly supported it, whether you realize that or not. The blood that is shed by racists in the coming years is very much on your hands.

I've been seeing a lot of people who voted for a certain politician going to great lengths to deny their racism. If you deny you're a racist, you're proving the point. Hi, my name is Steve, and while I'm very disappointed in myself when I exhibit my racist tendencies, I am sufficiently self-aware to acknowledge that I am, willingly or no, guilty of thinking, saying, or doing racist things. I do it with the best of intentions. I do it trying to make others feel included or welcome, or to help them understand that I truly believe they have every right to the same happiness and freedom I have. I do it because I live in a bubble of suburban white privilege where more often than not, people are decent to one another, despite differences in race, country of origin or place of worship, and I simply do not know, without thinking about it, what racism looks like. It doesn't always ride down the street wearing a white hood and carrying a burning cross. Blatant racism is easy to identify and easy to vilify. Casual, unconscious racism is far more insidious and far more widespread.

How do you fight the evil inside yourself? Knowledge is the bane of fear. Unless you live outside a major metropolitan area, you probably know, work with, or live near people who come from a different cultural, socioeconomic, racial or religious upbringing than yourself. Spend some time getting to know those people. Greet them warmly. Ask them questions about themselves. Listen. Learn. And perhaps most importantly of all, relate. You've heard it a thousand times since Tuesday night: we are more alike than we are different. Focus on the shared experiences and find common ground; then you can have meaningful, civil discourse about how we can work together to solve the problems where we differ. We must stop fearing that which is different from ourselves and different from what we know. We must embrace those unlike ourselves to help make ourselves more knowledgeable, more empathetic, more caring humans.

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I really don't give two shits why YOU voted for Trump: "He loves the same invisible friend I do!", "He's gonna shake things up!", "He's going to bring American jobs back!", "He's going to kick out all the people here illegally and freeloading off the system like my own kids do!", "He's gonna lower taxes on the rich so they spend their money and make the rest of us rich too!". Whatever helps you sleep at night.

In reality, this is what you voted for. You have, knowingly or no, emboldened racial, gender-based, and religious hatred to march brazenly down the street in magnitudes not seen since before the Civil Rights Act was passed. THIS is what those of us who cried ourselves to sleep on Tuesday night feared. We are afraid for our families (yes, I am lily-white - I have a bi-racial cousin by blood and four adopted non-white cousins); we are afraid for our friends, we are afraid for our coworkers, we are afraid for our neighbors.

Whether white supremacists recognize it or not, most of our ancestral groups were marginalized when the emigrated to America in large numbers: the Scots, the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, the Jews, heck, even the Catholics (to be fair, largely because they were Irish or Italian) were all considered shiftless freeloaders by the established WASPs when they first got here. Now the descendants of those very groups are lashing out against Hispanics and Asians and Muslims and anyone else who is different. That's not what America is really about. America is about inclusivity. America is about equality. America is about respect. You don't have to like every single person out there who is different from you. You don't have to fear them either.

At the end of the day, every one of those faces you see walking down the street or the hallway or driving down the road is just someone trying to do the best they can with the life they have, whether they look like you or not. Life is hard. For just about everyone. Don't be an asshole and make it harder for someone else than it already is. And don't ever assume that someone publicly endorsed by the KKK didn't make it onto their "people we like" list for any reason other than sharing the most core of their ideals.

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Happy #CanadaDay to all of my friends from north of the border!

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#HometownProud Also, +Jennifer Nash Humphrey's place of work (OSU's Center for Automotive Research) will be a huge part of this.

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Yeah, that'd be +Jennifer Nash Humphrey featured prominently in this video, along with a quick cameo from yours truly, who was busy trying not to throw up (stomach bug that day).

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Awesome and intriguing discovery brought to you by The Ohio State University!
Scientists witnessed a cosmic explosion in the form of a distant super-luminous supernova so bright it strains our grasp of physics to explain it.

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While I'm not neck-deep in this, some of the work I do is related to helping to propagate IPv6 (by upgrading the network hardware to be able to support it).
As @autosuggested summed it up, "IPv6 adoption reaches 10% for the first time—20 years after RFC 1833 was first published."

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+Jennifer Nash Humphrey, I just heard this on +CD102.5's guest DJ segment this afternoon, and I think you'd dig it.

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One of my favorite hockey charities. I look forward to supporting the CBJ #HFC night on Tuesday the 20th.
The 17th annual #HockeyFightsCancer campaign begins today and goes through November 13.

The NHL and NHLPA encourage fans to join the fight:
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