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The good thing about Democracy is.. anyone can become the President.
The bad thing about Democracy is.. anyone can become the President.

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Does tabloid garbage belongs to electron?
Yes, there are time tabloid will go to place where regular media would not dare to go. Besides, it will also show how your candidate react on rumors and how to handle the situation. In addition, if one chose to be a public official, making decisions for the public, he is no longer a private citizen. 
The Donald Trump-Ted Cruz mud-slinging took another bizarre twist Friday, driven by an Internet frenzy over a tabloid report alleging Cruz had extramarital affairs.
Cruz addressed the salacious report in the National Enquirer at an event in Oshkosh, Wis., calling the claims “garbage” and “complete and utter lies.” He also placed the blame around the neck of front-runner Trump.

Personally I think America is in trouble or will be in serious trouble if things do not change. Here are the reasons:
English is necessary, but not required.
American is no longer Color Blinded. We are divided.
Politicians placed too much attention to those who make noises, not enough to the average Joe.
American School System no longer pay attention to those who want to learn/educated.
American News Media no longer broadcasting News, just opinions.
American do not wants to the truth anymore, just what's politically correct.
American does not think what we can do for the Country anymore, just what the Country can do for us.
American cannot tell the difference between reality show and the Election.

If you have a lot of enemies, and if the saying "*enemies of my enemies are my friends*" are true.
Then you have more friends than enemies.

Never wants to be a Hero...
... because being a Hero means you have to makes stupid (illogical) decision. 

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If retirement is to stop working and do what you want to do.....
.... what happen if you love your job and enjoy what you are doing (your job).  You never have to retire? or you are already retired?

Someone very wise once told me: a perfect politician is a politician who you know he or she is lying to you, at your face, and you found yourself still trust him/her...

If  madness causes you to lose control, then what you said while you are mad is the truth... 
My stance is "yes"... at the time of madness, you temporary lost control of yourself, you wouldn't think or didn't have time to think about the consequence or care less on what would happen after you make you comments, that is when the moment of truth come out of you. Therefore, when or after people take time to answer you, their answer can be less truthful. 

If  madness cause you to lose control, then what you said while you are mad is the truth... 

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