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Dr. Edwin Thomasson
SUMMA QUID NE (What Most Do Not) - builder of' castles in the air': lover, poet, madmen, genius.I
SUMMA QUID NE (What Most Do Not) - builder of' castles in the air': lover, poet, madmen, genius.I

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a science-fiction novel by Ward Moore and Avram Davidson
Pyramid Books F-805 original price $0.40 1962 cover art.
This is a joyful work about a man paid a ventran's pension $11.00 per month. Congressman thought it a small reward - so they checked. Joyleg was not a World War II vet. He was not a World War I vet, or did he check out as one of the 'boys in blue' from the civil war. So they checked - and the world was forever changed. A joy to read if you can find it.

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Easton Press
"The Prince"
"If a ruler wants to survive, he must learn to stop being good."
That is the line that gets you everytime. It is also used as the opening for the new Easton Press edition of:
"Niccolo Machiavelli's masterpiece of strategy and the wielding of power, now in an extraordinary leather-bound, illustrated edition.
This deluxe slipcased edition features 10 specially commissioned images from acclaimed artist David Ho that are hand-tipped into the book. Each book is personally hand-signed by David Ho.
A hand-numbered Limited Edition of just 1,200.
Illustrated with specially commissioned artwork by David Ho"
and is running at $340.00, it is bound to be a classic just as soon as they sell 1200 books.


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DC's 'Mystery In Space' November 1965 No. 103
This is the last hero of the original series which began with the statement on the first issue: "The Magazine That Unlocks The Secrets Of The Future". There was a short revival in the 1980's of 7 issues, but basically it ended with ULTRA.- Captain Ace Arn the space ranger whose 'safety capsule' does not eject from the ship, and the captain is drawn into a strange comet's interior. It just happens that there are a group of four aliens that are from a place with ' a synthetic sun' and they have a weapon that will only work on anything that is not from their world's synthetic sun. Now here is the rub -each alien is from a different race Each race wants to create an army of obedient members of that race (just like it is here on Earth). The weapon transfers anyone not from their system into a being of their race, and under their control. The key to this hero is that he was hit by each of the four transformation ray at the same time. He has the powers (and the knowledge and point of view of each race), but having the insights of each race he is not under control of any of race. His heroship lasted from issue number 103 to issue 110 when 'Mystery In Space ' was cancelled. I have always had a fondness for this lost and forgotten hero.

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We have done this one once before, but it is worth it.
ISAAC ASIMOV at his most subtle, playful, and instructive best: "The Gods Themselves." Possibly the finest, if not funniest, study of human nature - this book works at so many levels. There are three parts: 1) against stupidity....., 2) ....the gods themselves... 3) ... contend in vain? Even the all-powerful, all knowing, and all loving divinity is helpless to contend or alleviate human stupidity.
This is X2883 FAWCETT CREST's 1972 cover art. One question - is there any similarity in the cover art to the superhero 'Dr. Manhattan' , and for that matter a similarity to the problem he faced in Watchmen?

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John Myers Myers
presents: Gentlemen, Gambler, Gunfighter - The true story of the most fantastic charterer the old west ever knew! HE WAS AFRAID OF NOTHING ON EARTH!!!"
Doc Holiday
1st Bantam Books J2586 40 cent cover price cover art of 1964

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The Archie Library presents "Betty & Veronica" #188 cover art 2006. The iconic 'Betty & Veronica" as from 'The Wizard of OZ', and see just who the bad witch is.....

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The Last of My Village
POEMS By Yael Flusberg
If you can find a copy buy it, borrow it or just read it by free download. Yael Flusberg is a national treasure.

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American Living Issue #25
by Angela & Michael Shores
1988 Private (Underground) Publiscation
4 Photos - View album

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“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Sauron's New Eye or Maya the source of leading by illusion? Either way a change is coming. The power elite are afraid, and they are living by the illusion of "Life Boat Thinking". We must gather as much as possible to ourselves to preserve who and what we are. Everyone else can sink under the coming onslaught - that is "Life Boat Thinking".
There is enough for all, and more in this world - that is the opposite of 'We must save ourselves - the storm is coming - gather all you can however you can- and we at least will survive the storm.
Pathetic - is it not?
.Peace to all and सत्य वचन....
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