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Nazareth Bergeron
happy, author, photographer, loves God
happy, author, photographer, loves God
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I have published my first novel, yo... here's the good reads page, where you can go and review it and vote for it and comment and discuss

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i wrote a novel and now it's published on kindle, will the wonders of this life never cease??? now go have fun on your kindle with it :) #kindle   #genxers   #generationx   #darkcomedy   #badromance   #novel   #fun  

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This is from 2 years ago. It was all there, for anyone to read, but it's taken 2 years for the 99% to lose patience.

In summary, the reports reveal that Citigroup believes the world belongs to the rich, and that they are and should rightfully be in charge. The poor are basically irrelevant, except that their democratic votes make them a danger to the rich and the status quo.

Citigroup lawyers have been diligent in trying to eliminate copies of the two reports, but they're still available. I hope many people will repost them on their blogs etc. The best way to defeat these take-downs is to flood the web with them.

Tagged #OccupyWallStreet #OWS

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