"Trees grow in Brooklyn..."

The light after a heavy rain is transcendent. Deep golden hues cling to the damp tree branches as they frame lush green leaves reeling under the weight of the rain water.

It’s all the more impressive against a backdrop of beautiful brick brownstones that can be found in neighborhoods like Cobble Hill located in Brooklyn. Cobble Hill (or Ponkiesbergh as it was first called) was originally settled during the 1640’s by Dutch farmers. The name “Cobble Hill”, according to various historical sources, came from the large amount of cobble stones being disposed in the site.

The cobble stones were used as ballast on the trading ships arriving from Europe. The high elevation point at the corner of present day Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, where the greatest amount of the cobble stones was disposed, was used as a Fort during both the American War of Independence and the War of 1812.

New York Photography: Cobble Hill brownstones.

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