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Blurred Lines
The Scene: It's dusk, a Sunday in early April in the Pacific Northwest. We've gathered with our dearest friends on the back patio of a friends house as the sun and heat came early this year and we are pretending it's summer. But the sun has gone down, and w...

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sharts are real
oh hi blog! ian was super sick this week. the sickest he's ever been. he's been my healthy kid, my 'oh he's just got the sniffles' kid. so when he went down with a violent stomach bug this week it sort of threw us all for a loop. a fever reaching 104, diarr...

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that time i nearly changed everything, and then did
it was 2008. my kids were 1 and 3. it was the year when i first decided i couldn't do it anymore. of course there have been many times since, and i've carried on just like i did that first time. that first time i wondered if this working full time with two ...

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steak a la lice carcass
okay, so it's been more than once. three times maybe? i can't keep track. it's survival. you get really good at blocking out the memory of pulling bugs from your kids hair. blocking out how keen your vision is when you find nits the size of a needlepoint. e...

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what do you do when it comes for you?
for weeks, i've been pumping my family full of vitamins. like clockwork they all open their mouths twice a day and semi willingly accept the gummies. vitamin D, C, Echinacea, Zinc, and my new obsession ElderBerry Syrup. the kids love it, because they taste ...

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the little big things
i haven't blogged in months. and months. and life is flying by and there are all these moments i think 'i should blog this', and 'this is worth remembering'. but there is something also to be said about just living life and being in the moment without the p...

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when sean is away...
i make my kids sleep with me. because i'm scared. do not judge me.

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laundry room: super sneak peak (if i showed you more you'd be horrified)
back in july, we sold our completely finished labor of love. a house i cried when we moved into. and i cried the day we moved out. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS that house.  the day we moved in, we turned the key, stepped in and what we found was pure filth. dog ha...

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i am NOT going to work tomorrow
my aunt had surgery today. torn rotator cuff and some ligament situation. so i called to check in on her. after a few good laughs about her 'dead' arm which she accidentally sat on and then thought it was the remote because it is COMPLETELY NUMB and will be...

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pulling teeth
ian. this child is an interesting fellow. just this week, sean and i looked across the room at each other after he'd done or said something so odd and did that thing we do when ian does something so odd (which is a lot) and we shook our heads and smirked at...
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