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All Luck is based on underlying Skills. Faith is Built through Practice.
All Luck is based on underlying Skills. Faith is Built through Practice.

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This is where all this awesomeness began. Watch my 1st ever video created on August, 11th 2013 click this link -->>
I'm going to be taking a trip down memory lane over the coming weeks, sharing my videos that I started making as I reached out at the beginning. I think this is a good way for new Warriors to get to know me. This is where all this awesomeness began. Watch my 1st ever video created on August, 11th 2013 click this link -->>

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Merry Christmas! Much Love. Mad Respect. More Healing!
Merry Christmas Warriors! Enjoy Family, Friends and Food this holiday season. 2017 will be a powerful year for healing, I have a LOT to share. #healpsoriasis #psoriasis #naturalhealing

Feel free to post any questions you have in here, we will discuss and the conversation helps everybody! Happy Holidays!

For all members of my Community, make sure you get my free guide here ->

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My new video! I have a lot to share coming up for 2017. Have a wonderful holidays and get ready to do work on natural healing and get rid of Psoriasis for good this coming year! ~Matt

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Tuesday's affirmations!
This morning I woke up, a bit discouraged, typically us battling to heal Psoriasis naturally are going through pain and discomfort, healing is no fun and it hits you in tidal waves. This physical measure constantly absorbs our minds into reaction and freight trains of detrimental thoughts that fly off the tracks at time.

We react, we itch, we scratch, we then fear that it is permanent. I know that everything in life is temporary. The only constant is change. Fear will imprison our minds, then affect the body by producing stress. Everything is temporary. We are the active agent of our own change, with each choice, every challenge and most importantly, cherishing our efforts, taking VALUE in our VALIANT VIRTUES is where VICTORY is, what we do to heal and how we help others do the same. Those 4 V-words were my affirmations for this fine Fall Tuesday.

Value .... (deeeeeeeeeeep breathe in with movement)
Virtue .... (fullllllllllllllllllllllllll exhale out with movement)
Valiant .... (deeeeeeeeeeep breathe in with movement)
Victory .... (fullllllllllllllllllllllllll exhale out with movement)

Repeat the circular flow and let the epiphanies come.

I take VALUE in my hard work, growing discipline in determination. Value is measured through our awareness, nothing happens to us by chance, we are the masters of our destiny, and the ambassadors for positive change in our lives and those we influence. I am worth it, and my efforts are worthy.

From this awareness comes VIRTUE, the high moral and vital standards through practice, I set for myself to make possible, the impossible. To heal what is supposedly incurable, to understand that within Self lies each answer and solution to live a whole life and be pain-free. My virtue is the platform for every valuable thing I do. I have a long journey to heal all the trauma, emotional, physical, and spiritual, tis is the path, and I'm glad I'm walking it.

From this accountability to my Self and Body, comes the VALIANT efforts I make each day. Repetition, perfecting my craft, and constantly opening my mind to learning more, and being more Vulnerable, another important V-word. I feel through this openness creates a large space for stress to leave my body, a key to the mind's shrinking prison cell that fear perpetually creates, always break free and be honorable like a Knight in shining armor. Love my body, and appreciate the fact that I do have the power to heal, so I act on it and give myself room to make mistakes and slip up, knowing that I will always bounce back.

From this responsibility to my Self and Body is where VICTORY is, perpetual in nature as well, when perspective is modified through action. When 'try' is replaced by 'do', victories are abound and constant! The smile on my face, the even set of pace, the release of expectation and outcome, allows me to live in the now, and appreciate a Victory as it comes to pass, however small it may be, it's monumental to me and I will work hard not to miss any and value each one as it comes.

I find Value in my efforts, I build Virtues to live each day, I'm  Valiant in my life and I strive to never miss a Victory, they happen every moment.

#qigong   #healpsoriasis   #stressrelief   #naturalhealing  

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Happy Monday PHWarriors! I'm going to start a series of "Daily Qigong Affirmations" which are my positive thoughts, that I move into feelings, by the end of my session to start the day positively!

I woke up this Monday morning, as many of us do, ramming through my daily and weekly task-lists, the what-to-dos and what-needs-to-be-dones, that our brilliant complex minds will hammer away on out of control if we don't...grasp at the mind and say "shhhhhh, quiet yourself. I am capable to conquer all in due time."

We must move slowly and methodically through the day at an even pace. The body doesn't respond to "hurry up" or "I can't wait" or "I don't have time to...", it just absorbs the stress of those thoughts. The body only acts on movement and rhythm. Think of the difference between thinking and dancing, thinking is on a straight line, dancing is rhythm, stretching, moving, exercising, heart beating, which all happens rhythmically and circularly. Nothing in the body happens on a straight line, Attach your mind to this form of movement and circulate thoughts into feelings and move the to-do list out for a moment, then another, and chain those moments together using simple, meaningful, positive affirmations.

I focus on four words, typically words that rhyme or start with the same letter, which allows them to become song and dance in my mind as I move. You can choose however you like, your affirmations, let them come about naturally, based on where the mind started that particular day and with the focused goal being, that the mind will be blank and quiet by the end, only gripping at the words you have chosen.

Start by saying them out loud, until the dialogue moves internally, then think the words as you breath the oxygen which tunes up your body to take control. Eventually the words will be inside your mind, and then they will fade away into feelings... you will Feel what you once Thought, and that to me is the successful session of Daily Qigong Affirmations.


So today, As I began to move, breathe, Stretch and drink the water to calm the fire inside me, I felt a power towards "moving slowly and takings things slowly" so the word SLOW became my power word, then I attached three more S words to it, these four S-words came together in flow, that pleasantly removed THE S-word from my mind wink emoticon...

SLOW....(deeeeeep inhale with the first movement)
STEADY....(fullllll exhale with the reverse movement)
SOFT....(deeeeeep inhale with next movement)
SOOTHING....(fullllll exhale with fourth movement)

Repeat The Circle.


I promise if you give yourself to this process, it will calm you, alleviate your stress, remove yesterday and tomorrow and leave you in the powerful moment, which is the ONLY place our body exists and heals, while the mind tends to wander off into dimensions. Get your mind where the body is, in the NOW, and practice to keep it there which will make it a strong support system for healing.

Here's my video you can follow for Qigong movements as you practice your own chosen affirmations.

Happy Healing!

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Get fired up to heal any #autoimmune  disorder naturally with a strong practice building belief that develops faith! -
Read The Warrior's Work Here ->

Happy Labor Day! In honor of this great American holiday, I wanted to emphasize the essence of being a #Psoriasis Healing Warrior. I wrote a piece on what I've realized on the hard and satisfying road of natural healing...

Click this link ->

#healpsoriasis #naturalhealing #curepsoriasis #selfrealization #practicemakesperfect #hardworkpaysoff

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