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The Creeping Garden: A Real-Life Science-Fiction Story About Slime Moulds

The MST is extremely pleased to promote The Creeping Garden, running at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto from October 9th-15th.

A real life science fiction movie exploring a world creeping right beneath our feet, where time and space are magnified and intelligence redefined.

The Creeping Garden is a multi award winning feature length creative documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould.

The slime mould is being used to explore biological-inspired design, emergence theory, unconventional computing and robot controllers, much of which borders on the world of science fiction.

But as well as exploring the slime mould in the lab, the film also travels out into the wild, hunting for the organisms in their natural habitat.

Co-directed by artist film-maker Tim Grabham and writer and film curator Jasper Sharp, the film follows in the unconventional footsteps of Grabham's previous feature 'KanZeOn' and Sharps fascination with the extended world of mycology.

With an original soundtrack composed by celebrated musician and producer Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth, Werner Herzog's 'Grizzly Man') this is a unique exploration into a hitherto untapped subject matter, observing and immersing the audience into the worlds of the observers and the observed.
More details at See the screening schedule and book your tickets at

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Honey mushrooms (Armillaria tabascens, Armillaria ostoyae, Armillaria mellea, Armillaria gallica) are mushrooms for putting up. Consider making vegan jerky out of them if you have a ton. This is a way I have found to use them stipe and all at any age (the best way to use honey mushrooms, imho)! Simply pressure cook at 10-15lbs pressure for thirty minutes or for a couple hours in a flavorful sauce, extra salty but more watered down than the hen recipe here since you are cooking it for a while (scroll back to summer/fall 2014) Fill pressure cooker with cleaned but not cut mushrooms. Add sauce so when you press down the mushrooms will be submerged and the pressure cooker will seem around 2/3 full. Allow to cool in the sauce (do this responsibly in small, preferably metal containers at room temp so that it cools fast). Then refrigerate until ready to jerkify with dehydrator. Squeeze the juice out and reserve if it tastes like something you will use (as maybe mushroom flavored oyster sauce?) This takes quite a bit longer than just dehydrating mushrooms as they will be overlapping and their will be some thick ones since you were lazy and didn't cut anything like me, more like one day instead of overnight. There are some other winning recipes from these guys, but this is the one I chose to elevate!

So I had the good fortune to meet with Arleen and Alan Bessette the other day at the Northeast Mycological Federation 2015 New London, CT foray and have some great news for you. Apparently the Bessettes are collaborating with a guy in the Asheville club on a Mushrooms of North Carolina guide. It's to be part of a series of guides that I understood to already be published. If anyone knows more I would be interested in these since there is a lot of crossover with our Flora and Funga in my northern neck of the Appalachians. I was really interested in this, and I am sorry I don't have details I sometimes don't hear well in crowded rooms. Arleen told a story of the gentleman who they are collaborating with. She said where she grew up in NC there was a psychologist who would come by and visit her family, she had 4 other siblings. This man was always coming by on behalf of the state and the family developed a relationship with him. Flash forward many years and she grew up to become a psychologist or psychiatrist herself. I forget the details of how they met up again but it was regarding mushrooms! This guy got sick of the corporate psychology world and became a construction worker for a couple years. Then he started writing books and doing naturalist stuff on the side. He has been part of the Asheville club for a couple years now and is getting really good. She said he is a really great writer as well. So they decided to collaborate on this book. It's one of a few they are currently working on. A new bolete book for the Northeast is coming as well as Mushrooms of the Gulf Coast and I think there may be one more, busy, busy. 

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Headed to the Midhurst Foray today for tomorrow 9:45AM. If anyone is wanting to camp out somewhere along the way and/or wants to come this is my route! I think Myctor let's you foray once for free. The locations are members only so it's probably not kosher to share, but I am not sure if the internet will cooperate up there this time so to be safe I am just putting it out there. Shared route
From (43.3675736,-78.2432977) to 1140 Ontario 26 via ON-400 N.

3 hr 5 min (186 mi)

1. Get on I-190 N in Lewiston from NY-18 W and Robert Moses Pkwy
2. Follow Queen Elizabeth Way, Express Toll Route/ON-407 E and ON-400 N to Bayfield St/ON-26 W in Barrie, Canada. Take exit 98 from ON-400 N
3. Drive to ON-26 W in Springwater
4. Arrive at location: 1140 Ontario 26

For the best route in current traffic visit

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#shroomshotsaturday by +Patricia A +Michael Albrecht +Keith Elliott +Sabeena LoBello +ShroomshotSaturday 

This is a moth that's been taken over by a mushroom. I posted it to an I.D. forum and got this answer: it's an anamorph of Cordyceps tuberculata. This is my first macro stack ever I only used 3, I wish I had used a couple more.

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I have no idea what this is yet, it's a bit out of focus I couldn't get my camera stable enough to take an in focus picture. I can't get close-ups with my old camera. Pretty though possible it's an anamorph of an Ascomycete, or even a slime mold. I took some home to look at later on.

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Possible Mycocalicium subtile many instances of this in the woods today. This particular one was on Fraxinus americana.

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Check this out! Everybody's got a scope now so let's get busy! This is a pretty good guide to getting started.

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Some Slime Molds I have taken pictures of over the years.
Slime Molds
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