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One-on-one tutoring designed solely for children with special needs.
One-on-one tutoring designed solely for children with special needs.

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Progress reports are a critical way for parents to SEE the actual progress made toward their child’s IEP goals.

Once you understand the often murky, confusing document itself, you can better create a path toward success for your child!

#Education #SpecialEducation #ProgressReports

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Do you think your child may have some traits commonly associated with Dyslexia?

Early detection is KEY!

Read today's blog post for some insight on Mckenzie's personal story.

She also discusses traits to be on the lookout for in the hopes of early detection!

#Dyslexia #EarlyDetection #Success

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Does your child have a difficult time identifying their feelings and verbalizing their emotions to you?

One of our special education experts, McKenzie Wickham, discusses just how to overcome that challenge in our latest blog post! Check it out!

#SpecialEducation #ZonesOfRegulation

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So often parents of children with special needs receive unwanted advice from folks who really don't understand the situation at all.

This "advice" isn't coming from a bad place, but the results can indeed negatively impact that parent.

If you have been the person "giving" advice in the past, next time you're in a similar situation try the 3 techniques found in our latest blog post. The outcome can be uplifting!

#SpecialEducation #BeTheChange

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Do you struggle with setting a routine for your child?

In our latest blog post, Diana suggests a reason for that might simply be YOUR lack of routine.

Living the "do as I say, not as I do" life doesn't always work and may often create resistance from your child!

What are your thoughts on routines in parenting?


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Small victories are all too often overlooked. This isn't intentional, but as parents and educators it's VITAL we focus on these steps no matter how small!

In our latest blog post, Diana Chase describes a turning point in her teaching career when she realized the how celebrating the smallest of victories can lead to massive educational gains!

#SmallVictories #SpecialEducation

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Most of us would agree, that routines make such a positive impact on children's lives!

But why?

Our Special Education Expert, Diana Chase answers that question in her latest blog post "Why Routines Are Vital To Success!"

#Routines #Education #PositiveChange

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Social Skills can be a great challenge for all children, but these challenges can be especially difficult for children with special needs.

Helping your child adapt and encouraging them to spend time with their peers can make a massive impact toward their self-confidence.

In our latest blog post, Special Education Expert (Diana Chase) discusses 6 tips she's used to help children make (and keep) friends!

#Friends #SpecialEducation #BeTheChange  

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The path we choose in life is most often dictated by a series of events or experiences.

The choice to pursue a career in teaching is no different.

In the latest blog post, one of our Special Education Experts (Diana Chase) explains the events that led to her choosing a rewarding career path in teaching!

#SpecialEducation #Career #LifeChanging  

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In today's world, it's extremely easy to let technology overtake your life! From checking social media, emails, weather, bank accounts and google searching... it can actually become very time consuming!

We constantly get asked by parents for some creative ways to manage "non-productive" technology use in children. The kind that has no educational value...

Diana Chase offers 3 Simple Tips for managing your child's "non-productive" tech time. The result...? More productive time with AND without technology!

What are some creative ways you've used to manage your child's non-productive tech time?

#Education #Technology
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