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Hey guys, I've found myself having trouble getting back from the contacts screen to the favourites screen. There are few places on it that I can swipe to the right and move back to the left to the favourites screen. The grid of letters is usually where my thumb is when I swipe directly horizontally to go back, but it never works, always presses a letter and opens the wheel. Maybe all kinds of touching and moving can open the wheel, but a direct swipe to the right to go back to the favourites screen would be helpful, rather than using the unmarked top of the screen to navigate back

Just used it for a while. I think the contacts images on the picker screen where you can scroll with the wheel needs more optimisation. With many high res photos, they look beautiful, but after scrolling through the app starts chugging as the cache gets emptied and new images get loaded (nexus 5 here), so maybe loading them at a slightly compressed rate to reduce load, enlarging the in-memory cache, or something more fancy to detect when quickly scrolling through the cache and quickly load medium res images as you scroll, so that the scrolling is always smooth and fast, and then when you slow/stop scrolling load the high res images?

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Dinner tonight at the little popup ramen shop at sandwiches bar. Yum! 

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Mighty Ape has starting selling grocery non-perishables!
Im pretty proud of them in a way, they are making themselves into Amazon, in the same way that Trademe is New Zealands eBay.
And to top it all off, their customer service is, and has been the best experience ive ever had with customer support ever. so responsive, helpful, and really go out of their way to help and fix problems.
Go Mighty Ape :D

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LOL this is wicked

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This is pretty epic, i really need to get around to uploading my photos back onto google plus from drive
I'm blown away by the new photo search in Google+ where it's recognizing subjects in my own photos -- here the various times I've run into snakes while hiking.

It's unbelievable how the state of the art in computer vision has progressed recently. And I can't imagine the amount of number crunching that must have gone into all this picture processing!
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