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Record High Profits Result in Layoffs by the CEO

Centel Media CEO Jack Cola clashes with COO Joseph Scarletti over the termination of four consultants from two different consulting firms. This comes shortly after the ORM firm’s latest record high profit margins.

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Investigation Demanded After Centel Media Reviews Treacherous Online Plans
Centel Media reviews online plans which leave businesses and individuals at risk. Now the company is demanding to know why this is happening. Every leader knows a solid plan is vital to success. They also know a solid plan is not a rigid plan, and that awar...

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Pennsylvania Nurse Gets Assisted Suicide Case Dismissed

People feel passionately, one way or another, about controversial subjects. Nothing anybody says will change how they feel.  Whether it is a stance on abortion, polygamy, or euthanasia, the media is bound to respond in an uproar. This is why it is essential to take control of your online reputation when involved in a high-profile case. Centel Media, the top online reputation company, offers a multitude of services which includes Negative Article Suppression, a product designed to help anyone involved in such an unfortunate, media-ridden situation.
Take the recent case of a Pennsylvania nurse who was accused of handing her 94-year-old father a bottle of morphine and helping him commit suicide. Assisted suicide is illegal in every state but Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico. The nurse, Barbara Mancini, admitted to handing him the vial but in an attempt to relieve his pain, not help him end his life.

The story behind Joseph Yourshaw’s death is rather sad. It highlights the importance of hospice care and the rights of the dying.  Yourshaw was peacefully living at home under hospice care when he became unresponsive. Against the families wishes, the hospice company called 911 and he was taken to a hospital and revived. Instead of dying peacefully at home as he had wished, Yourshaw was rudely brought back into a life full of pain. His life ended in the hospital.

In the end, the judge dismissed the case against the nurse, as there was not enough evidence to prove she had meant to end his life.  In a broader sense, this verdict perhaps reflecting the changing view of people on assisted suicide. It seems to becoming gradually more and more accepted as an ethical practice.  Choosing to end your life in a dignified manner, in a place and time of your choosing, should be a basic human right.  It is when people help others achieve these goals that things get complicated.  

The family should have been mourning the loss of a loved one, not facing a legal battle. Don’t let the media denote how personal life experiences affect your online reputation.  While the case of the nurse and her dying father are a rare case, they highlight the importance of taking control of online reputation. Let the pros at Centel Media keep your reputation where it deserves to be.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

 Centel Media

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Facebook vs Princeton: Is Your Online Reputation In Good Hands?
Facebook and Princeton had a small sparring match, but what does
the university’s findings mean for social media users?             The format for building a successful
business has changed over the years. Now more than ever the Internet has become

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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Final Legacy
Philip Seymour Hoffman, a much beloved and award winning actor, dies to a heroin overdose, and the media explodes in a contradiction of sorrow and contempt for his passing. Once again, we’ve watched in sorrow as another supremely talented and much loved cel...

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The Air Force May Need a Parachute
The Air Force has found itself falling quickly
to the ground due to an expanding scandal over a proficiency test. Negative
articles are pouring in about the incident, giving a vivid example of the
importance of having a parachute like negative article

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A&E's Duck Dynasty Fiasco
Love them or hate them, the Duck Dynasty and network A&E
certainly have their hands full at the moment. Homophobic
and racist slurs? Check. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family of popular
show Duck Dynasty was seen making these disparaging remarks ta...
A&E's Duck Dynasty Fiasco
A&E's Duck Dynasty Fiasco

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The Army Is Coming!
Centel Media , the top online reputation management companies offers a variety of services such as, social media optimization. Social media optimization can help prevent and rebuild after incidents such as the hacking of CNN’s social media accounts. It seem...

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Not quite sure what ORM (Online Reputation Management) is? Check out this video by Cental Media.

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