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Since google reader now sucks and since isn't ready yet and since it's probably good that I rely on yet another third party service that will let me down, I've created for you to ignore.

Just here to remind everyone how much google reader still sucks

Google has taken away the single reason I used Reader in the first place, which is a great big middle finger right in my face. This, plus their position on anonymity, plus the "SSL search if you are logged in" makes me realize that Google doesn't give a rat's ass about what the experience is for their users as long as they improve their position. Hey, more power to them, but it makes me resentful as hell. As soon as I can find a replacement for Reader, I'm outta here.

Current Addition: House Hunters International

I just watched the HBO documentary on Bobby Fischer and it was absolutely gripping.

SCOTS still make me laugh, even after hearing Lordy, Lordy for the 50th time. "When your lip comes out and touches your chin, I don't know what I did, but I won't do it again." has the Spanish Super Cup, but only with the Spanish commentators. Still totally worth it to watch Messi, Ronaldo, et al in action.

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