Chaotic and mysterious times for people watching pirated content.

"Is the replacement site the real deal? Is it endorsed by the original site’s former owners? Maybe the former owners are still behind the wheel? Or is the new site suddenly going to start serving up malware? The answers to these questions are always hard to come by for good reason, and the current Movie2K case is no different."

NOTE, disclaimer: The Post-Scarcity Warriors do not condone any illegal activity. All posts about piracy and other issues are merely news reporting. The battles between pirates and the entertainment industry are part of the inability of civilization to adjust to decreasing scarcity, there is a failure to adjust to the tendency of products to become cheaper as we approach zero price, thus these issues are very relevant news. We strongly urge all people to stay on the right side of the law, we urge people to wait until everything is genuinely (legally) free.

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