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Custom Clevite Rod Bearings now available from PSI
Here at PSI we know how crucial these are for the BMW S65B40, S85B50 Engines, so after a few years development these are finally available to ship now!

$599.00 shipped (S65)
$745.00 shipped (S85)
(We also recommend ARP rod bolts as well)

- Designed to address and fix the rod bearing clearance issue.
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
- Increases oil flow.
- Improves lubrication for "Start-Stop" vehicles over factory bearings.
- Designed in consultation with leading industry experts from NASCAR, Indy Car, and former BMW M-Division engine designer.
- Designed and manufactured by Clevite, factory BMW bearing supplier.
- Traditional lead-copper bearing design; less wear on crankshaft journals, traceable with Blackstone oil analysis.
Each bearing is measured and size-binned. Allows for custom bearing selection when necessary.

Contact us to place an order!

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The Wake Of Magellan - BMW F10 M5 by PSI

When ordinary is not enough, we reach for the extraordinary. More often than not, that pursuit becomes a voyage, one filled with landmark events and above-average memories to savor for a lifetime. Our client is a family man, but wanted his family car, a new BMW F10 M5, to be unlike any other. Here at PSI, we are no stranger to pushing the limits while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. During several conversations, we realized that it was time to look beyond the usual wheel styles and sail into unknown waters. Enter HRE Wheels, with their RS-series Street Collection.

Well aware that a mis-step can sink an otherwise fantastic build, we settled on the striking RS102M model, with their unmistakable 5-spoke design. The directional design resembles a ship's propellers, and is impossible to ignore out on the street, while the Satin Charcoal Gray finish offsets the Sapphire Black body paint. We had the inner barrels custom painted to match the centers and lips for a seamless match. With the perfect set of wheels in place, acquiring the perfect drop was necessary, and a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers fit the bill perfectly. Their build quality and adjustment levels enable a comfortable, smooth ride on virtually any surface. Having the stance sorted, we installed an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system to add some crackling thunder and reduce weight.

To complete the look, we added a carbon fiber Vorsteiner front spoiler and rear diffuser, which enhance the elegantly aggressive appearance, while inside a complete BMW M Performance carbon fiber trim set was carefully installed. IND supplied the finishing touches in the form of gloss black front and side grilles. Our client can now get underway with dramatic style, leaving lesser vessels in his wake.

Mod List
HRE RS102M 21x9.5 / 21 x 11 in Satin Charcoal Gray finish with custom painted matching barrels
KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler
Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser
BMW M Performance interior trim
IND gloss black front/side grilles
The Wake Of Magellan - BMW F10 M5 by PSI
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Legend tells of a warrior that moved in the shadows, striking at will without warning, only to disappear before the enemy caught even a glimpse. While we here at PSI don't always believe in legends, what we do believe in are diehard enthusiasts with a true passion for BMW and motorsport, and the friends we make within that category. Perhaps one of the clearest examples of this single-minded focus is the owner of this unforgettable E92 335is. Originating from South Florida, they came to us with a simple goal: to create one of the most unique and purposeful cars of its kind in the country. It needed to be fast and effective on a race track or road course while maintaining a level of visual appeal. Only the very best solutions were to be used, enabling the user to slip in and exact the maximum amount of damage before fading into the distance.

It's truly refreshing to have conversations with individuals who think these kinds of terms. Perhaps you know one. We discussed ideas, laid out plans, and worked late into the night to ensure this project came together correctly. PSI doesn't have a reputation of doing things halfway, so when we commit, it's full speed ahead. Immediately we knew that everything had to begin with the chassis. In motorsport, more time and effort is put into the chassis than virtually anywhere else. Steering, braking and suspension are incredibly crucial to quick lap times - especially the latter two. Power is great to have, but without a way to channel that power to the ground on the track, that energy is often lost or dissipated through loss of traction or excess body movement. Similarly, without reliable stopping ability, unwanted seconds are added with increased braking distances and the inability to turn in properly before hitting the apex.

For the perfect ride height while maintaining good compliance, we installed a set of KW Clubsport coilovers that allow for fine-tuning the critical compression and rebound attributes of a suspension setup. In front of those are a complete high-visibility StopTech 355mm/345mm big brake kit with calipers painted in Ithaca Verde for maximum contrast with the body color and wheels. More on that aspect in a moment. These monster units ensure fade-free speed reduction, lap after lap, while the sturdy SPEC Stage 2 clutch and UUC short shifter enable quick, fluid movement between gears. A gorgeous set of Apex EC-7 18" wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05s help reduce weight, look fantastic, and grip like a cat being held over a pool.

We wanted maximum chassis stiffening, so a full bolt-in roll bar was sourced from Fall-Line Motorsports, also painted Ithaca Verde, and a snug set of the venerable Recaro Pole Position seats were fastened down, using Macht Schnell floor mounts. For FIA-level restraints, we turned once again to Sabelt, who delivered an amazing 6-point harness to hold the driver in place while engaged in combat. Behind everything, working in concert with the roll bar, is a new PSI Edition alcantara rear seat delete and closeout with custom stamped aluminum panels. While we have not advertised the PSI Edition line much as of yet, a build on this level requires some truly innovative touches, and this one delivers in spades.

To guide the assault, a BMW M Performance alcantara steering wheel with Ithaca Verde stripe was installed, and a P3 Cars boost vent gauge monitors vital signs. Power is delivered in short order by a BMS JB4 for N54, BMW DCI, and a healthy pair of VRSF catless downpipes. Our good friends and neighbors at Active Autowerke, who have teamed up with us on a great many projects in the past, supplied a charge pipe and BOV, their excellent front-mount intercooler and a full stainless exhaust system. The careful combination of all these parts ensures a never-ending surge of building acceleration off the line and out of each corner.

Last but certainly not least, we addressed the exterior. Again, it was decided to go big or go home, so the entire roof was removed and an OEM E92 M3 carbon fiber roof and headliner replaced it. Needless to say, not only does it look amazing, the functionality of a lower center of gravity serves a significant purpose while cornering. Additionally, OEM E92 M3 side mirrors were painted in Ithaca Verde to match the 335is badges, the BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler’s CRT stripe, and the i8 style front grilles. Completing the aggressive motorsport approach is an Arkym carbon fiber front lower spoiler, adding that extra bit of additional downforce.

While the original paint color was black, we had a matte gray wrap applied by Carbon Wraps Orlando, and the effect is mouthwatering when paired up with the black wheels, carbon fiber roof and those unmistakeable Ithaca Verde accent pieces. In the end, we created a machine designed for relentless attack during competition events, and integrated the highest quality parts with ingenuity and creativity. This is not a BMW for the faint-hearted, and while we don't wish to start a mass panic, perhaps while at your next SCCA or HPDE you may wish to check your surroundings more carefully than usual. A ghostly apparition may suddenly appear, and just like that . . . it will be gone.


Suspension and Brakes
KW Suspension Clubsports
StopTech BBK F/R (355mm/345mm) in Ithaca Verde
Apex EC-7 18"
Nitto NT05s
SPEC Stage 2 clutch
UUC Short Shift Kit
Motorsport Hardware 75mm Studs/ and race nut conversion

Fall Line GTR Roll Bar painted Ithaca Verde
RECARO pole positions
Macht Schnell Floor Mounts and Anti Sub Bar
BMW M Performance alcantara steering wheel with Ithaca stripe
Sabelt 6-point competition harnesses
P3 Cars boost vent gauge
PSI EDITION alcantara rear seat delete and closeout with stamped aluminum panels

BMS JB4 (N54)
VRSF catless downpipes
AA charge pipe and BOV
AA Sport front mount intercooler
AA full stainless exhaust
Custom coding by Mike Benvo @ BPM Sport

OEM E92 M3 carbon fiber roof & headliner
OEM E92 M3 side mrrors painted in Ithaca Verde
Matte gray wrap by Carbon Wraps Orlando
i8 style painted front kidney grilles
Ithaca Verde 335is badges
BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler with CRT stripe
Arkym carbon fiber front splitter
Ghost Chameleon - BMW 335is by PSI
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The staff here at PSI would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend! Drive carefully, spend time with (or think about) those you care for, and take a moment to remember how we got here almost 240 years ago.

We will be CLOSED on Friday, July 3 and will reopen for normal business on Monday, July 6. Enjoy those fireworks!

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All of us here at PSI would like to wish you a fun and reflective Memorial Day weekend! We will be CLOSED on Monday 5/25 for the holiday, and will re-open on Tuesday 5/26.

Safe travels, and don't forget to take a moment to remember those who serve!

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Last shot of that awesome blue +Porsche GT3 before the first mod is installed! The owner now has a great upgrade for racing . . . now we just need to convince him to go racing. Either way, it looks fantastic!

#porsche #gt3 #gmgracing

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What you are looking at is about 700hp at the crank of this +BMW M6 V10, thanks to a dual G-POWER​ supercharger setup. We have installed several supercharger kits from this company, and the power gains are always impressive!

#bmw #v10 #supercharger

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The +Porsche GT3 is back! We have a very special upgrade ready for this beauty. We'll give you a hint: GMG Racing is involved . . . stay tuned for more!

#porsche #gt3 #gmgracing

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Something about those bright orange supercharger manifolds mixed with carbon fiber. +BMW made an amazing engine with their V10 M cars, but add a pair of G-POWER​ superchargers, and you can just about reverse the rotation of the earth!

#bmw #v10 #supercharger

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Another shot of that amazing blue Porsche 991 GT3? Oh, very well. We already have a few mods planned for it! More photos coming soon.

‪#‎porsche‬ #911 ‪#‎gt3‬
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