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David Shone
Loving life, music, gaming, family & partying!
Loving life, music, gaming, family & partying!

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Great band from the little town near me. Great bunch of lads, and wow, just wow! What a tune! Give it a minute of your time and enjoy!

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Not a great screen, but at that price, for a 10" tablet with HDMI out, you can't really complain. Great as a second tablet for taking away on holidays or camping etc. 

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Yeah!  Hoped this would happen! ;)

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Just amazing. Finally an easy fully working version of Kodi. So simple. How it should be. 

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Who fancies a free play of this classic? Fill your boots 

Just got 4 notifications from Hangouts with messages I've got from the last 4 days. Fucking technology! 

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Hey! That's me on the picture. Royalties? Lol...
#Calibration. ReCAL offer questions & answers. Please take time to read our regular posts. We hope they are of benefit to you.

Q: Why is calibration of test equipment important?

More and more we hear horror stories of accidents and injuries sustained as a result of faulty wiring or equipment and with society today adopting some what of a blame and claim culture, the need for documentation to prove our own and our equipments performance is ever more important. 

Approved contractors have a duty to ensure that the test equipment that they use to test to BS EN 61557 (17th Edition) and Part P is both accurate and consistent.

Even though electronic equipment has become more reliable, components characteristics can change over time through age and use. These changes will quite often have an effect on the operational performance of the measuring circuits. After all the majority of our instruments are used in arduous environments and do not spend their lives wrapped in cotton wool. They are subjected to rough handling, accidental dropping  and in some case extremes of temperature.
Simply speaking, on going calibration on an annual basis ensures that the instrument maintains its accuracy, and provides confidence in the performance necessary for an accurate test. REMEMBER it’s your signature, which goes on the test and inspection sheet.

Many companies already value the benefits of having their instruments calibrated annually and have introduced this as part of their company policy.

ReCAL offer a free of charge reminder service, so your instruments never fall out of date.

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I just signed a new account with my 'other' email address and found my playlists and added them. Sweet.

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