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Okay. I want to do this project. It pretty clearly requires working w/ canvas.

Unfortunately, I cheered for a possible flash killer when it was announced, and promptly ignored it since. Making circles on a barely suppored html tag just didn't seem useful. Now, of course, I want to make a lot of little circles.

Anybody wanna tell me about pitfalls, libraries, general knowledge I need? Convincing arguments that svg is better for attaching events and animations that I ought to hear?
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Also, anybody worked deeply with it and want to identify themselves as somebody I might bother if/when I find myself stuck?
i'm working w/ canvas for something atm; the MDN docs were a great help, as was my pre-existing understanding of postscript.

see as well as

i know nothing about SVG, but i do know that your circles on a canvas are not objects to which event listeners can be attached. you attach yoru scripts to the canvas itself, and manually test to see if the click is in the area where your circle happens to appear. it's a little baroque, still, but getting better. see also

if you learn of libraries that make it easy to keep track of "things" on the canvas, let me know. perhaps it's available in but i haven't even started looking deep into that.
I will now share with you all the fruits of my labor:

Fuck canvas.

Doesn't draw fast enough to animate.

Do that shit with 8bit pngs and css.

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