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Anne Go
omg noni i didnt know it could do that.
omg y is everything asian these days!
+Erin Zhang how is +Allison Adams  being racist? She just mentions a race and she is instantly racist...

Dragon Fruit taste really good, I really don't like Mangosteens, they are hard to open and dye your fingers. I have never had Goji berries but will look for them next time I am out.
I eat grapes and apples. COME AT ME CANCER!!!
I do not care one way are another I just like it.

Tori Ko
they make great lollie flavours :)
I am Asian.I mean Indian.I never heard of it.From which part of Asia it is?
We need to ensure we have these in our day to day diet ♥
My first husband died of bone cancer my second love of my life has went thur 11 years now since his last treatment from stage 4 cancer. He is very healthy and I am greatly blest.
i'm avisah ,, thnx,,,,
i liked fruit this
We need power berries too maintain strong enough everyday..
I Like Grapes And Apples On This Picture .
Noni is also an Asian fruit. 
hello...there is dragon.............fruit in dis pic
I'm going to eat these fruit more often.                lol
I haven't heard of mangosteen before. Looks nice
I need help..My ex boyfriend is and has been hacking all my accounts .....
Thanks for the list. I regularly eat 8 on your list. Looking to add the others. Love healthy snacks!!
I like that.......
what f she gave the password b4 they broke up,. make another acount,.
Good all the fruits you want and don't have them as boyfriends!!! yeah.
Anti-Cancer? Bull... If these really were anti-cancer, everyone would know about it and they wouldn't be blaming cigarettes as the cause. Green peppers were once considered a cause and then, a food preventative.
If it was that simple, both my grandmothers would srill be alive and my parents would never known what it was like to suffer from cancer and I would not have gone through the heart ache on both occassions my parents had it.
I'm sure lots of us would love to eat this fruits,in my country we have some of this ,the only problem is we are a poor country,we can't afford to buy this expensive fruits ,only the rich are healthy!
itz prophylatically effective against cancers
Then u should.visit South East Asia, esp Viet Nam for all.these fruits
Super fruits?Sounds like they have super powers!
Thankx for the information fungole
Soursop, dragon fruit and mangosteen are asian fruits and are extremely tasty. Superb is the word to describe them. 
dragonfruit jo kha laga vo dragon bn jayag
I'd combine all these fruits in a blender and drink it.
i like strawberry the most in the picture :D
vitamin c is always the best anti-cancer fighter ~ agree
Mangosteen here in my place is available and so Avocado and Soursop :) they are all super hot lava fruits :) ty to our lord god he give has chance to fight and avoid Canceer cells in our body :) wooot wooot
amulya do u know for  which type of cancer these fruits r good. Any ways good suggestion.
I have never been concious about anti cancer fruits.
I like those fruits and will share to my friends.
it is really a new thing 4 me. thanks
Ping Yu
so basically all the fruits u can think of?
Soursop is the best... We have lots in our garden :)
I've had every single one of those except, what the heck is Noni and Soursop? I'll have to try those.
is it okay to just have avocado, grapes and apples?
those are some pretty common fruits, except for soursop and noni...
mangosteen and dragon fruit can be found here in Asian countries,
here in Ph, someone invented a food supplement using mangosteen and was awarded many times for its effectiveness...
yay! i love all of those... besides goji berries :)
wht is dragonfruit ? i nvr ate this !
Dragon Fruit is fruit from Cacti family
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