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Cool reaction !
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chemical reaction... :)
which are two chemical is that?
can any one tell which acid he mixed
We should do that in my chemistry class
but which acid we have to mix
I wish that was me and get an A+! Wouldn't that be great!!!!!
Sheldon and Kripke
I've heard this unofficially called "elephant toothpaste".
He looks like Draco Malfoy... Harry Potter... cept his head is shaved...
I would like to know what he out in there.
so this is what happens in my stomach when i go poo :D
Ace E
Coolest experiment ever!
I love that he is doing the same experiment Sheldon used on The Big Bang Theory
They used to call it "Elephant Toothpaste" on old field trips.
i wonder how he did that... Add this page for more gifs and photos
that's cool and intersting!!!
tôi bắt đầu thích rùi đấy!!!!!!!
một thí nghiêm chăng? ---- a reasonable test?
wow! coo.l how do you do that? i wanna try!!
isnt that called elephant toothpaste or something?
To do that you need:
>30% Hydrogen Peroxide
>Saturated Potassium Iodide
>Dish Detergent
Combine in a test tube and BOOM
what is he mixing in the beaker? that's so cool!!!
Linh Ly
what reaction?_?
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