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Mission accomplished!
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lol, i love doing nothing productive
sometimes i fell like that too
FAIL! Writing the note and checking the box is productive.
Wish I can say this 2moro, to by boss :(
lookin at it during the finals upsets me:)
I was retry damn productive today!!
this is how i feel every saturday! lolz xD
my mom always tells me to go do something productive
doning nothing is good some times if you were in stress all the week days, but you will be better if you know that you don something productive.

do you think learning japanese by my self using some lessons from the net can be helpful?
I would do that but I'm too lazy too make a post-it out of it. (jk lol)
i tried telling my mom that.....she told me to clean the entire house in less than than 2 hours...or i would be grounded till august... good thing i cleaned most of the house yesterday...O_O (sad life i live)...(=^-^=)
I wish that's what I did today!!!:/
Hann //
I do that sometimes especially on holidays
Im doinmg it again Today...will tell u results tomorrow..Or I may Weaken and find some Studies to do..AHHHHhh..Ok it was a moment..hehehehe
mission accomplished. I did nonthing to day
tried to do something..Had Coffee n Cheesecake..YUmmmmmmy
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