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Smart student though +Fungole 
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This dude needs an award
omg the most awesome test answer i've ever say in my life LIKE A BOSS!!
i love it.. if it were me i wouldve giving im a 100 for effort from a smart ass
1) What kind of exam is this? 2) Who has the authority to say that these answers are wrong?
I would have answered them like that too!!!
i love it this student is so smart
Do hell to the teachers no offense though these answers seem legit
lol good way to start the morning
Doesn't it say "students who obtained 0% on the exam" ?? Uh...... That's not very smart....
What the hell kind of test is this? It's just a list of riddles. This is not a test! 
Why does it say that these are exam questions? They are clearly brain teasers and some laterally thought answers.....
A test that this person obviously failed 
An epic answer was by my younger sister a few days ago in her exam. The question was, "What is the relationship between refractive index and critical angle?" She wrote cousins.
lol, funny XD
I guess that this was made up
Can't imagine that any teacher with half of a rational brain could write such a test
xD very clever, if they were that clever, why would they want to fail on purpose????
What kinda subject would have all of those types of questions on it????
Answer: a fake one
I think he was right. He was answering based on logic ;)
ROFL i can't stop laughing this is good shit haha!
this is awesome. this student is actually smart in a way...
The teacher must have been jealous to the student that was a hundred
this is just a bunch of riddles not an exam!!!! like #10 how can you lift an elephant with one hand? wtf was the teacher thinking??????????????????
THIS IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! LMBO! I had my laugh for the day! Genius! I should try this... At church haha :-)
Yeah because someone actually had a real exam like that.

They're just a collection of lateral thinking puzzles, not an exam
This seems actually legit. Over here in Ireland, at the Primary school level, we get exams like this. They don't count towards anything, and generally they ask similar questions to this. I did answer them in a similar way to this, due to the exams being pointless. Except for Q11. That answer has always annoyed me.
Don't they realise that to be a smartass you have to be smart?

Also there are some stupid questions on there. No wonder he/she decided to take the piss...
i can never think of answering it like this.. i would have left it blank ..LOL
Ping He
Q13. How can "u" …??! How academic/professional this exam is…
 nice questionzzzzzzz and funny answerzzzzzz
Some people might see these answers as wrong-but I think they are the most clever thing I have seen on a while! XD
This is as fake as fake gets. Has anyone ever seen a real "exam" that looks like this?
very funny answerzzz
Smart ass! I am sure his parents are very proud!
What is this a test on? Geography? Math? Sociopolitics? Questions look made up in order to produce answers like this. Staged, but mildly amusing.
These are the ques. asked to UPSC topper in interview...and the ans. given by her..genius mind..!!!
Did anyone notice that the questions do not have a theme? What class is this for? Abstract philosophy? 
Damn I just read simon bannon post...and I agree
Those don't sound like exam questions. Sound more like riddles.
You actually have to be smart to come up with all those answers 
I wet my self laughing so hard lol
Wow. This is so like me. I would almost have the same answers. 
That is the most amazing student ever, I wonder, does he have a mental disability because sometimes they think differently then us, so they give te most amazing answer, but society refuses to stray from their belief o what is right answer or the right way of thinking, when maybe, just maybe, more than one thing can be right
Funny...true...some good answers I can use in my life...
Migue E
Old post, funny but old
I would have given him an E for Effort, and the teacher had words reversed in one of the questions anyway.
i love this !!!  It's like all my favorite answers to all my favorite questions
dude thats pretty smart answers
Sounds like smthng my oldest son would do .... gd answers ! ..... it was thought threw .... at least he put fourth the effort to answer thn he didnt hv to put anythng at all ! Very gd answers for this kind of test kerp up the gd wrk
They would not say "u" in a exam!
Based on the randomness of these questions, this has to be the strangest class ever. 
Which school is preparing this kind of exam paper? Even if they do which subject it would be for?
Correction... "too long to read" is what you meant to type and maybe that's why you should try reading more. :) Just saying.
a true genius in action <3
Looks perfect to me
mike m
What kind of class is this asking these questions.
This is old, but still had me tittering!
This dude has a clever brain. Why did he get a 0? He should get a 100! 
if you answer  like these dumb questions in an interview the HR  will be impressed... what the f**k life is this...
Either it's fake, or the teacher is evil.
It is all in the perception.  In the student's perception these are all correct .... in the teacher's perception they were all wrong ... Life is the same way ..
Amazing ,wanna share it on fb!please, ! am impressed,and twits!!
Good answers . Who said these answers r wrong
That is hilarious but it can't be real 
lol he should've gotten an A!!
i remeber my teacher obssesing over this! He said he wouldve given the kid 100%. Thumbs up if you would to
the questions need to be clearer if they want a different answer..
intelligent kid... bad mechanics

well have to print out the comments and show them to the teacher!!
This is not real ...the questions relate to NOTHING
Of course it's not, seeing as they used the letter "u" instead of the word "you" in the last one. But still, laughable!
Smart kid, i bet the teacher was just thinking he was being a smart aleck. If it was a  comprehension test all of these answers would be the best ever created
Xemina, you are right. Teacher do overlook reality because they are so focus on their book studies. I knew a dude that wrote a story about his life, and how he claimed to have lost his mom and his father would beat him. His teacher of course was sad and tried to offer the dude some some advice. The dude looked at his teacher like he was stupid and told him it was a persuasive essay. So the teacher went to the board and tried to have him expelled. Long story short. The dude still keep his A. And no matter how the teacher felt, the fact that he felt what the writer expressed gave him an A not what the teach thought he deserved which was a F. Lol
Haha! I like his answers! I think he should have gotten a 100%
hahahaha this is great i am soooooo gonna do this sometime. teachers need to remember reality and we students are amazing at reminding them ;)
This looks like something I would do lol
Excellent and genius student. These are the ones who become scientists.
Very smart and technically correct answers. He/she stuck to the simple facts and took the other meaning.
It's fake though? What kind of exam paper asks someone "What can you never eat for breakfast" and "How can a man go 8 days without sleeping?"... fake things aren't funny.
A real smart student!! How I wish I had some like such kind in my class!! It wd be such grt fun to teach such ones... esp at the post-grad level!!
Most students are smart. Heck, we're clever enough to be a smart mouth and clever enough to break/bend the rules.
How bloody dumbly contrived :P There were "exams questions"?  What should have been the correct answers then?  Lame riddles re-shared by around 400 people?  What is wrong with everyone?
This made me burst out laughing!
That is freaking hilarious!!!!!!!
Am I the only one that has a problem with the exam saying "how can u drop a raw egg ..."?
+isis dixon you are so right! He does need an award
Thumbs up.... It was really cool! 
Doesn't prove he knows his subjects though! 
Very good ! Awsum answers is it real!?  I wuld neva ne able to cum up with them:)
Fake. The questions themselves are written by a child.
haha epic! they shoulda passed the kid, he anwserd everyone of the qusetions correct! im gonna do that on my next test... ;) lol
Lori A
I would have given him 100% 
and to think i spent all that time answering questions the wrong way! i should have started doing that a long time ago! haha jk
Isn't Q8 supposed to end in "What will it become?" instead of "What it will become?". My grammar senses are tingling. 
Otherwise it freaking brilliant. That student should have gotten an A+. n.n
It's nothing wrong with this guy... Something wrong with these questions...
wow hes or she is incredibly smart
Looks he gave the answers to me...
What teacher would write "Q13. How can u drop..."?
Those teachers are so down with the kids.  Or it's a fake.
This one never gets old. Makes me lol everytime.
Zoë G
Haha Love it :)
Someone give this man a medal.
I dont see how they failed. All of these are correct. lol
No teacher would ever write such an exam... especially with "u" instead of "you" in the last question.
This is not a real test. It's simply something someone made up.
Question # 75 If you have a circle driveway which side would you use to exit?
You couldn't leave its a circle.

Steven Wright quote well its not word for word. He has a several quotes like this. 
Seriously. I want to know who gives exams like these.
I would have given him a 100% with a gold star!
this dude is incredibly intelligent. Valedictorian!
I think this guy answered all the questions correctly...
This is do true! I made another comment but it didn't send. This is all correct everything is true. Blame the stupid teachers for not writing the answers clear enough. They should have said, which state was the D of C signed. Geez. 
each answer is right,haha! what will the teacher do? F or A?
Clever... but fake. Surely no instructor who would phrase Q8 like that.
He gets about 92.3% because he got the first question wrong; Napoleon didn't die in battle
the "right" answers wouldn't have been correct but simply stupid answers the teacher likes to see.
I love this! it just made my day!
Reminds me of those logic tests. How many three cent stamps are in a dozen?
Hahaha he's prolly really bored. I do that sometimes but not to that extent. 
Give me a break...100% to the person who can tell me what subject this test is for.  Can you say 'Fake'?
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! He's epically smart man!lol!
It saddens me that the commonality of senses has deterred. This nation is not united. It's even more sad that students are prepared for the exam and the result is asinine.
The Subject?  Urban Intelligence what else.
Lol that is hilarious, the only thing I would change is the answer to question five, what is the main reason for failure? Not succeeding!
i think that this i just so funny! and i think that this person should have gotten a 100% on this........they are all right! hahahaha!
Napolean didn't die in battle, though. So he gets a 12/13.
if you think about it these answers are correct
This is a joke. I highly doubt these questions would ever be asked together on any exam. It's funny but don't think this is an actual exam.
N Smith
I will think about this with my exam tomorrow 
Cute, but I have trouble believing that anyone would write an exam with these questions...
LOL I'm going to try this on one of my exams nest year 😝
It mite not be the right answers to the questions... but the answers make the questions make sense.. haw haw..
Lol. the most honest answers i have ever seen.
Napolean didn't die in battle... he was exiled :) and died there
Legendary answers.
hahaha.... he's thinking outside the box
This one is the best one I've seen yet!!
Such a smarty-pants! But I like the answers :-)
creative answers that r technically rite.
Give him full marks please.......

Diana A
This is amazing. 
This is AWESOME! Truly thinking outside of the box and I can't see anything wrong with that.
If Albert Einstein saw this he would be proud of this guy.
Nothing is wrong with that
I think the thing that most people are missing, is how ridiculous most of these questions are and how they don't relate to each other. To me, it just looks like a bunch of random questions thrown together that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

That being said, what age group could this test possibly be for? Asking someone how many oranges and apples they have in one question(probably grade 1) and then asking what the main reason for divorce is(adult question). It's clearly just a good laid out joke.
You're right. This looks like an exam. In school. These are definitely questions that would be asked. On and exam. In school.
This is most definitely real.
Being a non traditional student I always here from instructors as to the importance for us to be well rounded individuals with good critical theming skills. This would be a great example of such.
*thinking not theming autocorrected again
well, it can be an open-ended question... XDD 
smart student, i'll give 100 for his/her work, but 0 for his/her intelligentsia... 
end up, i swear, this student will be a great man,,,, :D
Maybe the real question you should ask yourself is what class would ask you a series of vague, unrelated, and academically irrelevant questions?  *Intro to Internet Gullibility 101
This is amazingly awesome they guy shoulda earned an A for creativity
In Q13 why does it say "How can u" why doesn't it say "How can you"
This isn't funny because the answers are much smarter than the questions. Who thought that other people would think this is funny
Haha!nice and confident answer..
Clearly this isn't a real exam... Most of the questions don't even make sense. What is the "correct" answer to Q7 for instance.
Haha,brilliant answers
If this is legit this guy is a genius 
Thats thinking out of the box. This student will grow up to be a senator or maybe a president.
You need reasoning skills for achieving that! I would give him a 100%!
Gena C
yeah, what kind of questions are these?
This kid deserves an A. The close-minded teacher was just pissed because it wasnt HER answer.
These questions are so random. How can you lift an elephant with one hand? Wow
A cowboy leaves into town on Friday, he stays three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it? His horse's name was Friday! He probably wouldn't know that!!
What's scarier,student or teacher?
Does anyone actually believe this was a real exam done by a real student?

The questions are worded so perfectly to get that answer that they seem to be a set up.
if i was this guys teacher i would give him an A+ 
love it 
Clever responses, but obviously not a real exam or student. :D
Teach needs to ask their questions better. All those answers seemed right to me.
Amos Mc
Good stuff. Think outside of the box. All answers are very true so good work in my book.  I laughed to myself as I read this. Brilliant
i think he/she is a robot.... dot
One could argue that all the questions are technically answered correct
How are any of these wrong? haha Outside the box thinking here
This student should have got a 100% the teacher obviously needs to think logical and if she dosnt want those answers she should make the questions more specific 
Answer for the first question completely wrong, Napoleon didnt die in any battle ) 
lol i actually had to read this through a coupla times b4 getting it! XD
Completely agre Bethany, why would any of these questions be on any exam?
What class is this? Regardless, awesome answers!
Jay W.
that's so sad. i think he was just trying to be funny. But that was hilarious!!! lmao
So obviously fake. The fact that both the questions and the answers are typed give it away. Not to mention the only thing these questions share in common is they are ridiculous.
Fail? Reality is a hard pill to swallow

as a mother, i'd rather boast I have a smart ass for child than a dumbass... this person is no dumbass!
The student is genius.... How the teacher dared to fail him!
thinking outside the box... i like it
That person is AWESOME
The student is a genius.... How the teacher dared to fail him!
rofl... Pity the parents of such a kid ;)
Wow. I'd give this person an A+! ._.
I think this test was RIGGED! dun dun dunnnnnt...
Could not understand Q12. 
A 'Nena
incredible. parents must be so proud!
Oh boy, super creative, talk about thinking out of the box, must been some effort to come up with these.
If that was my exam the dog would have ate it.
its all about prespective really; this kid will be a CEO some day.
that brings back memories 
Everything but the first answer is a correct one
Yea this is definitely a fake test. It was just some brain teasers. 
The first answer is wrong, Napoleon was exiled. He never died in battle
hmmm... didnt Napoleon die of old age? Or sickness? anyways, I am pretty shure he didnt go down "fighting" :) 
Lol, I like it......the answers makes more sense than they did in school.... :-P
the students really smart and they are technically correct
haha i like the first one

I think it's very creative that this person typed up some common "Trick Questions" - Why someone would title this "Student who obtained 0% on an exam" is beyond me - It's not a real exam. Typo in Q8 - "blue sea what it will become?"  These are great  trick questions though - very creative.
those are the smartest comebacks for  exam questions i have ever seen!
marvellous ans he got more than 100%
I truly like this. It's too funny. Very smart kid. Who would've thought of such answers...
Very smart kid. These answers are so very true. Who ever would've thought of such a reply?:-) 
Katie K
haha that was funny
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