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i never thought of tht!!!!!!!!!!1 ^_^ hahaha
Thats totally wrong point of view. Supposed answer is: "You don´t have to study anything. It´s your choice:)" And also mine of course
logically right. .ha ha ha
i've seen many, many strange kids come out of home schools. Yeah it works for some but many are totally messed
As a teacher, let me say...

Its WAY different to teach a subject as opposed to learn a subject.

You need a deeper understanding of the material to teach it. Don't believe me? Teach anyone, right now, about anything you learned in a science class.

Education doesn't expect you to remember everything you learned throughout your schooling career. But the more you have been taught the more you will remember. They expect people to leave high school having a basic understanding across a wide range of fields. Want to remember more? Specialize in that subject.
not good point to the teacher who posted a comment but good point to the picture. true. either we are smarter then the teachers and they know that or they are too lazy to do the job.
its the isolation... if its done right it can be amazing. My neighbors have 2 they home-schooled and these kids are very intelligent and well rounded, but that takes effort. Many that home-school are religious zealots that want to protect their kids from the evil world and everyone in it, so they are not taught many things that will allow them to succeed in the real world. Just my opinion....
Either you're smarter than me or I'm lazy?

Wow. I didn't realize I was that sucky of a teacher.
but at the same time some people are better suited and enjoy certain things more and might not have done well as we have in that class. therefore it is in are best intrests that we have teachers who are skilled in one catagory/class, tone teacher who is good at one or two subjects but stinks at all the rest.
yes, Martin...but you were talking about home-schools.
wait im confused was this about home school or just regualr school??????????????????????????????? my comments have to do with nonhome school
Hann //
never thought of it like that and now that i have i tru
because u r a student...and he is a teacher....lolz
Funny-- when I made connections between literature, science, math and Geography or Social Sciences... then related it to the real world, my students complained "What does this have to do with English?"
Communications and models are lost on those who have no wish to communicate except in their own circle.

You can lead a horse to water... but learning requires effort. The ones that learn want to.
The ones that don't, it isn't that they cannot learn... it is that their focus is elsewhere. As schools are designed now, the teacher is not allowed to follow the kid-- thus alienation. If we let the kid lead-- like home schooling, only bigger... and developed project based learning... but it would be messy, and difficult to 'test', and kids would be in control of their learning...
Most districts would explode.
thats the fault of the school where the Teacher got there learning from..they wont give out Diploma to the teacher if they didn't past there classes ?? just like the Doctors and Nurse, Lawyers they have classes they have to go to and past
,So if the teacher not teacher the subjects right ,then the School need to learn about the problem they are having with there Teachers ..
The grammar and spelling in this comment thread make me question public education in this country.
That's true . How could the teacher expect A single student to learn all subject????????
We want the answer teacher !!!!! ^__^
nothin he will go out of class
n will think over it
I think its more like they have specialists to inundate you with way too much information on each subject in the hopes that a few points of it will remain in your head... at least enough to keep you from ending up on the Darwin Awards!
هههههههههه جمييييل
he is absolutely right
In my country Haiti we only have one teacher in a classroom and most of the subjects we have to memorize so I don't understand how this country is so ''RICH BUT YET SO BEHIND IN EDUCATION'' when we finished High School is two years College in U.S.A PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND FIND THE SOLUTION FOR IT.
this is hilarious. all students should ask this
Love this!!!...I felt the same way at school!!!!
This kinda doesn't apply to lower school teachers since most of them teach all subjects.
Yes...but what about when it comes to high school??
i wish it was that way in real life!! :)
if only...............................
thats so true i'd choose to only learn art or english
So all of you saying "what would a teacher say about that"...well, I AM a teacher...and what I DID say was along the lines of:

Its harder to teach than to learn. You need to have a deeper understanding of the material in order to properly convey the information to students. Its also why many teachers recommend that students "teach" others (doesn't even have to be a person - I recommend that students teach their dog or plants...the act of teaching helps you learn better!) to better understand the material.

Teaching also is highly specialized - to teach something you have to understand how students learn. You have to know the material AND how to best present it to students and in what context and what order.

Could I get by teaching algebra? Sure. I know it well enough. Would I do it as well as someone who teaches algebra all the time? DEFINITELY NOT. They have practice. They know what works and what doesn't.

Anyone who has taught in their life will know that just because you tell someone something, they don't necessarily understand it. You need multiple approaches and from multiple angles - a teacher has the experience to know that, as well as how to come at the subject from those approaches.

We don't expect students to understand the material well enough to stand up in front of the class and teach it themselves (though obviously that would be wonderful). Our goal is to have students leave the classroom with a working knowledge of the subject which will inform their later decisions.

If I'm to teach about the mitochondria, I will teach about the double membrane and the proton pumps, but my hope is that a year from now, the student will at least remember that the mitochondria is where glucose is turned into energy.

Teach lots, so that some sticks. That's why a teacher needs to have a specialized, deeper knowledge.

Do you really think that you've "stumped" a teacher and when you ask this question, their heads will explode and they'll quit teaching?

Step in front of a classroom for a day, and try to do what a teacher does, as well as a teacher does it (crappy teachers excluded).
Well the teacher spent all his/her life dedicating their lives to learn all they can about say third grade english.the student spent one year learning what they could about third grade english.sometimes they didn't even try.
A student a shorter periods of time in which they learn a broader variety of subjects. Its not their job to learn just one, not to mention teachers have to teach multiple classes in one day, like math class 3 or 4 times. Kids don't have to do that.
Because a single teacher is physically capable of teaching all the subjects, except that is not a specialized job.
thats true never thought of that
you listen and learn ?? are you guys fuking dumb oa sumthnq??
and that why the teacher running
to avoid answering the question
same i wish this was real life!
Smart question, but who can answer it? LOL
i got in school suspension for asking this
Fuck yeah. Now we r talking.
strange but true.................please share to all students in order to show a little sympathy to them.................
imma ask this to one of ma teachers
Awesome. Wait... It's summer. :(
Right One..............

Hows guys can expect about all..................
My mama teaches all the subjects, I'm Homeschooled!
i want 2 learn only 1 subject
send it to a teacher...i wanna see the reaction~!
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