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Joe PM
just had that moment.
i had this, a month back
This is always
OMG!! that is like sooooooooooo truee
Have these moments several times a day
I had this two months ago
This is called "analysis paralysis", and it's how our brains work. Look it up.
Ya....thts everyday for me!!
i know that feeling oh to well lmao :)
gud.....................................iike it;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
true mind is going in circles till you say screw it i give up
That awkward moment when you look at the post and you are doing what the post is talking about. 0_o
ter nea
Overwhelmed? I call it exercising my "free will". I would never want the "big guy" to think I do not appreciate all his gifts....
That question never arises for those who are 'Focussed' in their priorities!!
very true but not every one is focussed
It calls for a lot of Self control, discipline, knowing what u want out of ur life, what ur needs are, eliminating ur many deleterious wants, ........ to be able to achieve 'Focus'!! Lot on the platter eh!! :)
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
cause the many thing i should do, i get confused so i do nothing. so step by step for every thing.
That isn't as funny since had a lot of jokes to laugh in one moment.
Truely its true, that also goes in case of me.
Haha yeah this happens when the lazy part of our brain wins the battle. It happens a bit often with me...
dis hepern all ther time if it didn't hepern to you. ask your self that am a life.
now. that's the problem with being out of the office for a couple of days.
sounds like me i have to go home tonight do dishes vacum dust wash my dog help with dinner babysitt so tired just thinking about it
Really the picture is too cool, sorry hoo...t
Ahaaa, I'm having the moment right now in Studyhall in the library.
...especially when paper is due and exam is next
As it happens, so we should start from the easy one.
That's just what I chose to do today!!!
yeah haha that' true.
first the tension of doing these things,
then unable to do,i say wtf fuck u
OK, say I was... doing the dishes. And so my mom asks me to take out the bins, clean my room, mop the floor and do my homework. And what do I say???
"Oh, you know what, mom? I'm SO BUSY doing work that I'm just not gonna do anything. Mmm-hmm. I said it." XD
When you need to do actually have nothing to do.
It's called procrastination haha!
I have the similar but less fun moment of having so many things to do I can't remember which one I've already started :P
False. At the moments when I have so many things to do, one gets done all the time -- posting to G+.
omg, seems that i am the only one use Chinese here.
i kong fu eat rice and sculpt clay all at same time
That's why i won't look at email or answer the Friday after 2:30!
Just kidding I just wanted 169 comments.. 69
Haha have thoses all the time.
Lines of witty text are funny
always i've to face this. Somthing very strange is going to happen with me.
That happins to me alll the time its crazy then i end up doing it last second...idk
usually that is when I say just fuck it, and take a nap
We must do it as much as we can 
never happend to me you all are faggots
I bet life must be really difficult for everyone here. Cry more.
Hey u hit it hard,it all boil to e fact that one is comfuse big time as to what to do and that to forgo.
da shit happend ppl act like they never been ""layzy""
UGH! I can hear my mother nagging me from beyond the grave - uttering of a much similar sentiment - only worded differently - but only slightly ...... "NO DECISION IS A DECISION" ...
happens all the time ;)
I really hate it when this happens. It usually happens because I get overwhelmed and think that there isn't enough time to do what I need to do when it would have been more productive to just do it!
Welcome to my life!
C Renna
when i pretend im talking i feel like im lazy
This is of my so many dear to my heart moments
I still v dat moment uptill nw. I am alwaz bored each tym i find myself in that kind of moment
I still v dat moment uptill nw. I am alwaz bored each tym i find myself in that kind of moment
have that moment each day
I've had too many of these times!
i am just like that most times when im home alone. all i do when i am home alone is stay on my computer and sometimes on the phone!
Kind of what I'm doing right now.
this happens to me all the time :-)
that sounds like me 24/7
so true but i am at skool so we have to do everything and its boring as hell!!!
feel like that at school some times thank god for breaks,weekends and holidays
Yeah,Damm You school! I go to one as well...My teacher is Pregnant!
so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
true! its kinda "tripping due to overload"
Flo R-D
thats always me!
when sm1 realize of losing his or her most precious thing of his or her life,such thinking may be come 2 mind.
This is well timed for the last few weeks of final year uni work.
When u are doing nothing you are doing everything

ha ha, that is very true.
Time to rest, always doing things but never take a minute to see what surrounds me
just happened. sweardagawd!! LOL
Jeh M
redeeming yourself comes easy after it.
I had that moment right now
Seems like something everyone would do at one point
I agree with agustina:-D
And this is all I want to do in my life
that is what fucking happend to me every day.
This happened to me today. I then decided i'll not work hard instead work smart! Took a while to complete, but did it all. Phew! Happy Weekend ya'll.
that is my life for past 2 years
hell yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, that is one bright idea :) on second thoughts, it might be better to be busy anyway. :p
Joe PM
+Betty Liem I think it's called "Regathering your Wits"
Happens lols haha hilarious! Of course, never me!
wht does it do i did it and i dont get it lucy
and today is one of this moments
its called procrastination....
realy lealy true, i hate these moments... 
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