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whts the second one???????????
the second one is isaac newton u kno with the apple falling down gravity
I only have the last one also, haha but I do have an apple every day! Lol
like if u have any apple generations or stuff!!!
Correction: 2 Apples that changed the world. On Google+ on one, and dropped another on my foot.
apple is the most famous .....
If ur a Christian u would understand +hails weeks
No reason to believe the first in this series was an apple.
it has apples in it also thats y
i dont get the FIRST one..
Newton used an apple to develop his theories of gravity, 2nd pic
The first two episodes were legends. In fact, nobody knows what kind of fruit was involved in the first one.
they all did something to do with apples that is what the first one is saying
i like the 3rd 1 the best :3....
+Van Tran it is eve... its the story of adam and eve... read the bible and u will kno
the apple of sin, the apple of discovery, and the apple of... iphones?
the apple guy died ...u know that right????
The Bible doesn't state what fruit was involved in the myth of Genesis.
And Newton didn't deduce the gravitational Law by watching the fall of an apple.
i dont know u.....STALKEEEERRR.
so y is ana so mean 2 me i am only 11 years old and about 12
lol i wuz just kiddin....and i dont know u so yaaa...and rood???
i didnt mean 2 be "rood' or anythin but i dont so yaaaa...
kk i understand so do u want 2 b my friend emily is already
if just not only a apple but a whole tree had fallen on newton, my school science exams would have been much easier.
First one supposedly helped us to tell good and evil apart.
Second one taught us everything will fall (or collide).
Third one made us (at least some of us) forget about all the great things not from the bitten Apple.
it just shows the power of apple
It's the thought that counts, Riskay DQ
ADAM AND EVE . If the bum wouldn't have fallen for it, there would be no death or sickness -.-" ONE FREAKIN APPLE ! Were you THAT hungry ?!
The first is adam and eve
idt ANYONE could with out the 3rd one!!!!!
Omg, this is so true, but I agree with anelise hanson, we could have lived without knowing the rule of gravity, but I dont think anyone could live without the third apple
@griffin beck even though he's ew he still changed the world
Only the middle one changed the world. 
willy b
... not funny
whos middle and wat are u talking about
omg coolio nvr knew that wat a coincidence!!!
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Horse Apples! How you like them apples?
Cats helped too. Shrödingers, and Einstein used them as an example to help prove e=mc^2
Number one is by FAR the biggest change. It's unknown wether or not it was an apple but the fruit was what was eaten in the Garden of Eden when man-kind fell into an estate of sin and misery because of their disobedience. 
Wow apple computers in the same category as gravity. That is funny! Absolutely ridiculous! 
The first one didn't change the world because it's a fairy tale.
The second didn't change the world because gravity already existed.
The third one didn't change the world because it only stole the ideas of others.
+Justin Merz, the first one changed the world. True it was already part of a grand scheme but it changed our world.
That was such a sad ending to such a prosperous and successful life.
Sorry to disagree +Tom Miller but the first one is as true as you and I being alive on this planet. God's Word says it, thus it happend. 
This is just simple. Fresh apple from a tree (Eve time), ripe apple falls to the ground( Newton time gravity), finally apple rot on the floor (Steve jobs)
Clearly you have NEVER read the bible...God wrote that and God never I would say it is NOT a myth
Okay u people are taking this wayyyy too seriously...
What's interesting about Adam and Eve is that in Hebrew, "adam" means "man" and "eve" means "creation." Therefore, the Bible literally states that God made man and creation.
The first apple represents the fruit that was eaten from the tree of knowledge (when mankind learns of both good and evil). Most people believe it was an apple since a star can be found when an apple is cut in half horizontally. 
The top encouraged and continues to encourage profound ignorance, violence and mindless obedience.

The middle was a brilliant scientist, and may be the smartest man who ever lived. His scientific advances revolutionised our understanding of the cosmos... gravity, calculus etc

The bottom, an arrogant asshole who revolutionised the tech industry, specifically in regards to MP3 players and smartphones..

Newton belongs on his own tier
Well the middle one did change the view of the world. Other two are just bullshit.
U guys are idiots I'm younger than u guys and I know more. Fact: Stay in school. First: Painting, Second: Isaac Newton, Third: Steve Jobs. The one everybody knows of course and another fact take history 
Steve Jobs Apple didn't change the world!!! He only made money!
+william kaetzel Prove the bible is real? Thats right, you can't. To start with, it was written 150 years after the death of Jesus. As for proving Eve didn't exist, modern medicine does just that. The bible says in the beginning there was Adam and Eve. Just that. This means that incest would have had to follow, and lots of it to multiply. But for a small start like this, genetic deformities would have prevented humans from spanning more then a few generations at best proving that the bibles "origins of life" is wrong. The gene pool would have needed a larger selection to go through since humans tend to genetically have issues with inbreeding that would have had to happen with just Adam and Eve.
Also, the irony? Christianity is really just a rehashing of Hinduism with a few other religions rolled into to help remove it from its Jewish root. In 350AD Christianity was being attacked for its Jewish beliefs so they to make themselves "different" and became a part of the Hindu belief. Hinduism was also trying to spread through the area as far back as 700BC.
You can read more about other mythical people Jesus was later emulating here
intresting , funny still reality...........................
In the insight with the apple, we associate greatness all around...Thank you for sharing such beautiful image!
+Jeremy Pressel Well, I cannot force someone to open their eyes, I can only show the facts and hope they can take that first step forward themselves. Be at peace
+william kaetzel Ahhh.... Jesus Freak, I remember when that became popular in the mid-90, on my way to sunday school. I've seen Christianity, first hand. And its backhand. I had faith, and like those in history that tried to learn more, they say the holes to be found in such "faith".
I don't try to fool myself thinking I can make you see, fanatics have always had a blind faith "The repression of knowledge is the strength of religion" and all that.
It is alright to pray for me to your god, I shall be sure to pray to satan for you. For if you can pray to entrap my soul then it is only fair I am allowed to do the same
+Lex Espinoza your statement on nakedness makes no sense. You say that God created Adam and Eve innocent of the fact that nakedness was wrong. However, according to you, God left them naked. So may you explain why God would do something wrong? Nakedness is not "wrong" but people, with their own issues of perversion and doctrines of morality, associate nakedness with different acts or as an indication of the intention of some act. This explains why some people are very comfortable with nakedness in a non-sensual manner while others are overtaken with perversions of one kind or the other at the mere thought of it.
One bad apple spoils the whole bunch! So! Which one is the bad one. lol.....
I think Eve, who is in the picture, is too fat. What about you?
Steve Jobs is NOT in the same league as Sir Isaac Newton. Nor Adam and Eve. For god's sake people, he was a seller of consumer electronics. Not a world changer....
but the thought process is interesting...
Shouldn't there be a snake in the first picture? It has been a while since I last heard that particular fairy-tale but I seem to remember that the snake was punished for giving wisdom to the humans by eternally moving on its belly. Hm, maybe that's why it doesn't look like a snake...
How creative!! appreciated.
i really admire steve job's apple but newton's , i really dont GET IT !!!!
the first is the trojan war started by helen by throwing an apple!! the othere 2 r easy!!!!!
what is the first one...??..i think it is the Adam's apple...MAYBE..!??!
The first image is religious allegory, the second is apocryphal and the third is an example of how a capitalist company can reach market value of 1 trillion dollars at the expense of child labour in China...
Where's NYC? Where's Beatles?
one introduces sin, one brought the realization of law(s), the third is in the process of breaking laws.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the apple on the bottom
Leo Sam
we are still making the same mistake.
What about the one we throw at doctors to keep them away?
Only thing they got common is that they are dead.
wait wait 4th one also coming sooon
#2 definitely. Assuming it happened.

#3 remains to be seen. They're just products, after all. Hardly on the same scale as having an epiphany about gravity.

#1 really? We're mixing fables and parables now?
1 fairy tale
1 actually brilliant fellow
and 1 over hyped computer salesman.
Really changing the world there......
Steve Jobs was a miserable prick who treated his employees like crap, did almost nothing to improve the code of the software, donated 0 dollars to charity, and stole a company from its original founders. He died after investing tons of money in alternative medical horse-shit.

But no! He's a role-model and he changed the world by making shiny littlle mp3 players with touch-screens!
granny smith any one
a apple changed my life one day when I thought i was going to eat a orange..i didn't O.O
Some people say it's a pomagranate, +Lilly Mac . Oh well! That's cool how they put it all together, though.
true lol apples are the best thing that ever happened in the world
*In the story of Adam and Eve the fruit is not an apple
in the story of adam and eve it is a fruit never sais wich one so it could be an apple
Great man behind this wonderful thougt
What is the first apple ? 
A seguir probando manzanas prohibidas...
Nar Nar
i have a mac computer
First two ok but the last is worst...
apple..the most important fruit out there
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