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my sister i love her but i don't like her 
i love my lil sis but she can be annoying! especialy around my mates like when i was on holiday she annoyed callum and martin
ya i am the little sis so my big sis is always trying to be the boss
can someone play green farm with moi
i like my sis well not that mush
My 2 beasties r my sisters I never had!😄
can someone play green farm with me i am leaving i 22 mins
R Shree
Yes I love my elder sis
i have i sister and i have my friends that i love as if they were my sisters.
i have 2 older sisters and they're pretty cool... sometimes
i love my sister's they are amazing i have know idea what i would do with out them =D i have 3 sisters 
It's interesting how you would think something like this would be safe to post, and then you read the comments and realize it can get awkward and weird pretty quickly...
ok, i find it hard to believe that everyone loves their sisters, so if you don't love your sister, please plus one this comment!
I love mah sista sooo much 4 me shz 1 in d world..... I love u badiapiya....!!!
i have an annoying little sister, but i love her anyways
small sisters are cute.we should love them.if they done a wrong thing we have to give sorry as they are still so small
That's not nice even though they can be jerks, they are still family.
i love my sises( i have two) they are twins and get on my nerve or they try to :)
i l0ve my sis.she is my legal advizr:)hehe..
i l0ve my sis.she is my legal advizr:)hehe..
I love my wife diah only hehehe...
My sister is the bomb. Just love her to death i swear.
my sister is so cool i wold want her to be alive forever :) i love her to death! :)
I have no sisters but I have one stupid brother! 
Mike O
I love my sister. The farther away she lives the more I love her.
I love my sisters but I hardly see them. One lives 5 minutes away and the other lives 5 hours away. They are 5-6 years older than I. As I grow older, I find myself growing sadder by the day because this is not the kind of sisterhood I thought I would have. We all seem to have nothing in common.
i love my sisters and timmothy please dont tell like that they are the true and trusted people for sharing our feeling by a true sister
What did you do to start a relationship? Maybe they are thinking the same thing? We don't have to have common interests with our siblings to have a good relationship...but we have unconditional love and blood relation. I have siblings that I can't disagree more with, but I, once in a while,  try to send a message of love and support. My siblings know I don't judge them but I love them no matter what? I might not agree with them, but I respect their choices and decisions.  You, being aware of this missing connection, seems to have IT...Take a bold step and send a message of love. see what happens next?
I love my sis and all but she is soooooooo annoying
I Luv my sister... She is creative and kind and very successful
Ugh she makes me SOOOOOOO MAD

Sent from me¡!¡!
Love ny sister for all reasons,wow she taught me a lot.
i love my ister from blood
Look after your sister, even if she does stupid things sometimes, if you ever fall out, do not part on bad terms.
Not even a lifelong friend can replace the love of a sister.
I lost my sister far too young. :-(
I have the bestest sister in the whole wide world, she means the world to me and would do anything for me.
i love my sister but i get angry when she comments on my personal matters
Cool I wish I had that kind of a sister
i dont have a sister but i have a lot  of friends that should have been my sister ! i love you cassidy and kaila and the rest of my non - related sisters lol ! :)
Love All my sisters:-) :-) :-) :-) 
Love my sister as well. ;D and my brother, but, he's not my sister, so..
truly i love my sister
i got three older sisters i love them but the always are telling me to get out of theres rooms and stop touching there stuff but they love me anyways and sometimes i can be a little annoying
I am truly blessed to have 3 beautiful sisters Andrea,Rachel and Hayley Love you all xxx
Love all my sisters for life...2 are in heaven watching over me, and I love them and miss them, and 1 is here helping me and loving me.
That's sweet all of you who appreciate your loved ones.
I only have one sister and I LOVER HER ALOT.She gave me the most beautiful nieces and nephews in the world.
My best friend is like my sister I think that picture was really cute
funny, i connect with my brother more :_ my sis and i r wayyyyyy different ppl.
I love my sister Chloe she is 16 years old
I <3 my big sister Jess very much!!!!!! ;D ;D However I also <3 my BFF who i consider as a sister Molly
I have a sister and she might annoy me but I love her
trust me i hav e 14 brotheers and sisters and sometimes they are annoying but at the end of the day, there family.
You don't own me. 
I don't have to post this just 'cause I love my sisters.

I love ALL of my sisters I have soooo many of them and know they will always be there for me of I need them!!!!!!!:) 
how much!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!
i have two sisters and i love them to death
i have two sisters idk about them
I have a little sister and I love her so much
+Steve Marsh oddly, I was kind of thinking that myself. I love many women perceived as my sisters but let's be critical thinkers here, and draw the obvious conclusion that nobody really cares if I love my sister or not. Resharing this post only serves the one who posted it. That person or their page receives all the glory for having made a meme worth resharing but it serves nothing for the communications it wishes to convey. Hence, I'll just part with, 'sure, I love my sister but nobody cares. I will not be glorifying the author of this post by resharing mundane irrelevant information.'
I don't have a sister but I have women friends who I love like sisters.
i have a cousin nd we r totally like sisters =)
I have 3 wonderful sisters all with different personalities and i love each one of them the same
i have a sister that i love i love u sissy <3
i love so much to my sister,,,,,,,,
I love my sis, even though I don't see her as often as I would want.
Wow G+ is turning into another Facebook real fast. 
I luv my sisters. And my bestest friends catherine and kayla.
I dont have a sister. I have a mother who hates me. I am still searching for a sister. One women hurts God. Men will never understand. 
Kate C.
I have a sis.....sorta. Talked to her once....years ago.
BUT def have girls friends who're like my sisters! :D
I truly luv my Sisters b/c wat I'm today, they make me 2 b.
I have them both. Unfortunately lost one 11 years ago. 
Hmmm I have 7 and love them all. Then our mother die and now them are my mother so now I love them more. 
i'll never stop loving my big sisters,even when we disagree.i just wish they liked me.they gotta love me....
gosh, i hav soooo many sisters. but i love them all the same still :)
I have two FANTASTIC sisters!!!! (Of course, I also have six FANTASTIC brothers!!!!)
Sylvia, Niya, Shaniequa, Dee, Leah, 
I love my sisters Anikah And Maryskah
Women I love as sisters? This is sounding creepy.
well ithink its true if you have sisters which i do always love them
I love my sister but she died 2 years ago,and I feel unhappy and depressed all time 
to my awesome sisters brielle and carebear
I absolutely love my sisters, but I also love somebody elses sister <3
i dont have a sister but i know 3 awsome girls who are kinda like one 
I have a sis named Madi I love her but we fight a lot!
I LOVE my lil' sis even though we fight sometimes. 😘😗💛💙💜💚❤💕
i dont hav a sis but mi bff is lyk a sis 2 me
We fought and yet we loved each other!  I love my sister! She gets me!
Any females wanna chat?! Fem lookin for stud/fem?! 19 n older please! :)
its ok Katie u always got a sister in god love her
My dear sister Laura, although we are living in differents parts, I love you much!
My lovely sister ! Ilove you!
Love my 2 sisters and all girlfriends, they're like sisters too :)
Shout out to Kate my lovely older sis
your sister is like your best friend that will always be there for u no matter what xx
i love my bff's ashlynn, olivia, and autumn
I am proud to say I have 4 sisters 1 of is in heaven
i only have brothers. there should be a brother one of these
Oh Come On !! Do  Not Bring The Facebook Shit To Google+ !
Happy birthday to my sis. 
i like this is cute this make me think of my sis love you
is this really justin bieber sike!!!!!!!!
I don't have any sisters but i'll give it to my best friend
I Do Love My Sisters All Of Them★
We amor you sibling sister we know it say sister but we gotta send a shout out to our sibling brother too
I love all my sisters, but sometime a certain sisters attitude I can live without .I have all total.8 sisters
I love my six sisters were family
U have always been apart of my life.....and I do cherish u so very much.....
I have a twisted sister but I still love her!
I have a lot of friends that are sisters that are friends and I have a real sister!!!!!!
I only have a brother I am the second oldest lady in the home.So ya he is a troble maker
Love my little sister, although she gets on my nerves a lot. Love my baby sister. And I love my best girlfriends who are like sisters to me :)
i have two sisters ihate them sometimes but i love them to death dont know wat i would do without them with me by my side. I LOVE SISTERS!!!!!
I only have two brothers but I have a best friend that's just like a sister:)
I Love my sister so much she is my best friend. We even have matching sisters tattoos we got them together.
i have a sister and i luv her and my best friend is like a sister so i can relate to that either way
Funny I love your sister too! ;)
i dont care if im a guy i still love my sister
I love all six of my sister's. But they can be some BITCHES some time Get on my nervous.. But I LOVE Them doe
Yes me. An my sister is very close and i love her very much
I have two sisters that I care about and love.
I have 12 sis and every one have part of my heart
Since you guys love sisters so much...Does anyone want mine?
Honestly, I always say that to my real sisters and I bring a lot of gifts for them every four months... I really proud of them .. thank for God to give me sisters like them
I dont have any sisters.. but I have a close female friend and I refer to her as "sister"
i DONT like my sister she is truly truly RUDE
My bfffffffeeeee is who i luv as a sister
My sister is the freakin amazing,these words that they have to express how much u love ur sister is not enough I just give her my life
Ashlynn,Olivia,Kira,Clair,Kelly,Abby,Emily,&&Alicia(: all besties forev!!!! Lovee You guys.
No matter what my love for my sister (s) runs deep
I love my sister lotis....!
I love my sister's in christ......
My sister is the best girl in the whole world!!!!
I LOVE MY AIR FORCE SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I have 2 sisters one older one younger. Luv them!!!!!
love thm much ...blessings to most excellent families ....
i love my sis even though sometimes she gets on my last nerve
Seriously this isn't Facebook don't start this like and share shit here too
I have 3 wonderful sisters
i love my older sister and i wish i could see her more
Weird how my messages to Sam don't look same as messages to e everyone else. Looks like just sent to me. I guess I look stupid but when I go to my intermediate computer class won't look so stupid
I luv my sister more than anything in the world
my sister is the best sister that i could ever ask for! :)
hey people go on green farm awsome game and add me if u do  
my sister's dead...           D:
Aww! How sweet! I'll make sure my little sis sees that!
Haven't seen my brothers in a long while, I think a sister would have been nice.
I only have one and no matter how old my baby sister is,she'll always be just that,and a light skin mirror image of my mother.Love you Cita.
Had one terrific sister but lost her to bad weather and poor driving conditions. I still have great sisters-in-law and even better girl-friends - they are the sisters I chose!
i have only 1 older sister and i dont really see her alot but i love her
i hate my sister shes annoying and she voted for summer 
Three blood sisters that I love with all my heart
My sister posted the same quote on her facebook.
They drive me crazy sometimes but can't imagine life without them :)
I have one older and one younger sister. They are complete opposites in every way. One loves me and the other is not speaking to me. I still love them both the same. Everyone needs sisters and brothers. The bonds formed early in life with your siblings will play a significant role in the way you define your life and how you treat others. Love your sisters and try to remember the good as well as the bad. Always remember it takes two to define the relationships you form.
laura,paulina,amanda. All like sisters to me! <3
She an get on my nerves when we dont agree on the same thing but otherwise that fact she is the best person i will ever know and her name is Carolyn
My brother should be sharing this........
i have 2 sisters that i have not seen 4 2 years now i really love them i want u guys to know that 
How I wish I had a sis .. we'd have made a hell of a sexy pair!
i have one but she dont like me..:(...i still love her..
Erica, this is great, trust me. I love people who care for others. You are my sister too
Erica, this is awesome trust me. Sadly i do not have a sister but i have soo much women i call sister, you are my sister too and i love you.
I love you my real sister Katie!!! This also goes for my friends Katherine, Erica, Tihany, Julia, Veronica, Sam i love you guys as if you were my sister!!!!
My sister is the best sister I could ever want
I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters. I love all of them, bet especially my sisters. We understand each other more than our brothers. :-) 
<3 my sis! My best best Friend acts like a sis to me!
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