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ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only because real life sucks worse.
soooo true i miss it over the weekend idk i might be crazy to some people but idc
That is true i missed all friends when i went to junior high
Think of school as bootcamp for work and life :-)
I mean no matter how much you hate school, don't understand it, or people don't like you there, it is pretty much a big part of most of our lives at this point.
been out of school for 6 years and i so do not miss it
Been out of school as long as I was in it... the memories still haunt me and I even remember the time before I entered school...
No feelings for schools but definitely feelings against.

This is not true for everyone... blanket statements are predicated on limited information.
The worst time of my whole life was 5th through 8th grades. If I could do it again I would drop out of school.
I thought it said alcohol for a minute (playing too many word games!)... and yes I do miss alcohol! But school, what a horribly boring waste of time that was...
Umm.... no :) You can miss classmates, but school? No :)
Nope, school was a waste of my time- I miss my time in the US Army.
I am still in school, not even high school yet but i enjoy it. Whether or not it is hypocritical of me to say. But now I find school is very important. Just took my A.Q.T. this week. It will determine if I and other fellow students are in Geometry as 8th graders.... Big step... So is leaving school...
Very true about students. But it all really adds up to where you attend, your teachers, classmates, school envirement.
This page says "Funny Pictures" but I see a lot of schmaltzy pictures instead...
Hmm, no. I hated school. I've been out for 17 years. I still hate it.
I don't know. It is all on perspective. I still have plenty of years of school left so I'll see how it turns out then but now I know there is not time in my life to be hating.:]
It's true unless you work and go to school. Then everything just sucks.
I can't help but miss my old school :( so many memories! but i never wanted to go...weird
Honestly I have moved plenty. Made good memories as well. But which would someone hate more job or school?
you will not miss it because you like it, you will miss it because of the habit, the habit can wear out soon after you´re out. i still hate it.
Only after you are a parent who is about to have their own child home for their first summer vac.
Of course. There are goods and bads for everythinng, and being a child or young aldut doesnt last as long as adulthood.
no, never missed it
though I do still sometimes have those dreams about showing up at the exam unprepared
If you are referring to public school, no, I do not miss it. I did not want to dress or learn what they decided I must. So I didn't. It was more like prison. College was okay.
Honestly I go to a K-8 school, personally i always wanted to know what it is like to go to a normal jh. Yes, I know it is completly different but even though I may have a good time at school, I go for the education not the memories.
I don't miss a single day of school - it was a most hateful time!
some of us have it easy and some don't. have a couple friends that cannot even bring their backpacks to school due to drugs, bomb threats, weapons, esc. Their school is in my same district...
Not really. For those who were tormented and bullied throughout school, they don't miss it.
I don't think so... I'll graduate next year... :D
Honestly, I personally think school now in this generation is plenty worse... There is bullying, shootings, fights. I myself have seen cigerettes being passed to others in class, as well as another student smoking weed in the boys restroom...
Am I missing something? Why is the word "When" capitalized? it follows a comma, so it is not a new sentence. Do the colors play into it? There has to be a pun or some grammar joke I am missing. Anyone help me out?
True for me! That's why I'm in grad school at the moment ...
I dont think it is school you really miss i think it is all of the friends you know you may never see again
Well yes friends are missed. But the social media is so advanced now that most of the time missing someone is not even a problem.
Did anyone ever miss the classes or tests you've ever taken?
I'm not sure about the "when" being capitalized. Maybe like your other option with it dealing the colors.
nima m
that's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee....
dts true n i miss my clg days more den dt!!
I don't miss it. Its more of a - from bad to worse kinda thing.
No, I don't miss it at all but then again I was a teacher.
I never missed it. It starred in a few of my nightmares though.
Times were so much simpler then, but then again i thought i knew everything back in school
Miss it? No. Life in the so-called "real world" is just so much worse that you learn to appreciate, after the fact, the sandbox you were given to play in.
Very true those were the best time. Guys take my advise study harder and party harder!!!
I'm homeschooled i will always miss home;( ;)
u r so right ............
but i didn't hate my school
school time memories are so beautiful
Tell that to my bank balance after 3 years of therapy!
yup, we are off for the holiday and I am already missing it. :)
definately NOT true
Naaaaaaa.. Once I had my driving license, that's when my life started :D all i remember is dumb uniform, tones of unreasonable and almost never to use again homework. I used to just go to school to get over it and aim for something better. hell... im still in that place, but at least its more enjoyable :)
waooooooo.....well said... we too miss regularly
exactly said. in school ...problems. now badly missing school..... again great problem.
yeah well i still am gonna hate it whiile im young :P
i STILL have nightmares about junior high school thirty five years later. Nope.
that's true..........
I have been told to enjoy school because once you're done you are expected to go and make something of yourself out there in the unknown, and frankly I find it rather scary that I am suppose to do it after living all these years without a care in the world.
If school is the best time of your life - no matter how good it is - I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for you.
its true...nt even school every place we spent our tim we will miss
Don't miss school one bit, hated it then and still hate the memories that thinking of it brings up. Most of my real knowledge came after I left.
Not true! I don't miss it one bit! Only the couple of friends I made there.
Man is born as a seed; he can become a flower, he may not. It all depends on you, what you do with yourself; it all depends on you whether you grow or you don´t.
It is your choice — and each moment the choice has to be faced;
each moment you are on the crossroads.
been there, done that, don't miss it.
I don't. I love school but I don't miss it when I leave.
BULLSHIT. Will never look back at school fondly. Whoever does has a selective memory or is just too stupid to remember it as it was. Or you genuinely had a good time, in which case you're probably a gigantic asshole.
Migue E
Not true for me
try being a Nerd at school... your last day of school will ALWAYS be the best day of your life.
Um, no. I love learning. I hated school. Contrary to popular belief, these two things are not mutually inclusive.
relly i miss my school very much
it is true....i miss my school ....
Nope, don't miss it at all.
an when ya get ta be an ol codjer
ya think a goin back
I miss the fact that I had little responsibility and didn't have to worry about bills
The fundraising solicitations never let me forget my alma mater.
It might be fact for all living beings, but not for me. Yes I am sure!
Hmm... I remember my school now

Overall rating
No way :) I'm way happier now than I was in school.
yaaa man ... dats so true... i really miss dose days
Possibly the least true statement on the internet :)
Funny that so Far this is wrong for me! Others, likely because their too slack to grow up.
i dnt miss school....i just miss my awesome friends and the incredible momentz we shared:)
i dont think i will exept for seeing my friends and annoyin gteachers
I agree. People always miss the past but ignore the present.
Yes oh,bt am nt missing ma higher inst
Depends what you do when you leave.... if you go travelling around the world I bet you wouldn't miss it ;)
one of the best memories in your life time.. absolutely.. :D
Not even remotely true. Given the choice I wouldn't... oh wait, that's right, I'm already living the choice of never going back to that Sarlac pit. Screw that hellhole.
Soo true, Playtime :D
ya! i miss my school days too much, how funny were..
Not true hated school, every second and was extraordinarily happy to leave and get earning some money! Never looked back!
I definitely don't miss school. I felt a massive sense of freedom when I finished.
actually I never hate my school time.. :) it's just so memorable and shaped my personality whatsoever.. :D
i don't miss school.. i miss the persons in school..
so true...miss my school days..:)
I'm 25, working a soul-crushing job, still living at home with my mom, and I'm single. And I still think that my high school guidance counselor was an idiot for saying "these four years in high school are the b�est years of your life". My worst days right now are still better than the best days of my school years.
That's what people always told me, I've proven them wrong! Have a future worth going for! If you have a vision that excites you, you will never even want to look back! Make your life get better, not worse!
I left school 27 years ago, and I still don't miss it :-)

But I loved university, that's what I am missing indeed!
I didn't. They kept teaching the same old crap and would not stop the kids from tormenting me. This post is the stupidest thing ever.
This is not a funny picture. I hate this crap coming up on Explore. Blocking you.
true words
it's vacation and i'm missing my school
Ah ha, yea right! As if I'd miss school! Or would I.......? Yes, yes I would, never mind 
define school:
A. hangout with friends, messing with teachers, first love, LOL moments etc <- most people will say yes i miss school

B. study maths, do home works, having exams, etc <- i doubt most people would say yes

bottom line everything we do, even the smallest things always have "pleasure moments" and "sorrow moments" it is our choice while getting the goals done to find and stay in "pleasure moments" without getting bothered with "sorrow moments".

that way anything we do will be like school you miss

Ricky Supriyadi
Nope. Hated every minute of it. I don't miss it. When I left I was thinking: "Good riddance!". I still think that way.
Same as life no matter how pissed you r with life you still live.
Nope never did miss it. I went on to teach myself something new seemed a bit lame to me.
well i dont miss it at all and still know that they were the worst years of my life.the constant pressure of exams and studies from teachers and principals.the peer pressure,friction form parents and relatives,the constant judgement about you from everyone around you relating about your future and what will i land up to.i hated the experience and honestly made me the loser that i have become.i blame it to them for all my short comings
was not true for me
Disagree. Working and the fun you have with the money you make is much more fun than school. 
nope, I for one do not miss it what so ever.....
Vinu K
yeah v really misssssss...
I don't hate school...
I hate the PEOPLE in the school.
yes every body miss after leaving it
It's the care free time that we miss
i want to go school again as a teacher
thats not true. i still remember how much I hated it and now I hate it even more seeing that 90% what I learned is entirely irrelevant. 
Ky Bai
aww that is sooo TRUE ;)
I must confess that if I ever had had the traces of regret I entirely forgot them.
Yam Pun
that's true..
true one !!!!!! i miss my school a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!
At SAC, one of my teachers studied at Oxford... Was offered a job at Princeton... but returned to the slums of San Antonio... I guess that's why I love my shitty ex-community now-real-college... Huh...
I have more passion for leaning outside of school instead of sitting in a class room. Real hands on is the key not just books. So i don't miss school in any way except the friends we made.
i'm 65,hated school and never once missed it or wished i was back there.loved work and now enjoying retirement.GREAT.
Bri Boo
blame my friends!!! but its sooo true
u'r so right, evrything is enjoyable except class ...
dont make me cry ,there good and fun memories that are lost forever,but then there are some that you want to forget,but just stick to the good ones.
you don't miss school. you miss the people that you knew there.
yeah.......i still miss elementary......though i did hate my principle
thats so true i miss my elemetary but there was 2 teachers that i never want to see again :)
I was so happy when i got to grade 7, I was like "Yeah I'm leaving primary school!"but now that I'm in high school, I'm like "I wish I could go back!" :(
I left school behind gladly and have never missed it. Post graduation the work I do is much more meaningful and fulfilling than school busy work ever was
For nearly 38 years I have never once felt like I wish I was back at school... I hated it and couldn't wait to get out into the wipe world.
Graduated a year ago.... Haven't looked back... I drive by and say to myself," i am so glad I don't go there anymore."
The only thing I miss about school, is eye contact, chatting, an flirting with 2 girls I had crush on.
I say it depends.....
you can only miss it if you actually went to school like me! :}
T Black
yes, yes you do. The reality of this is that Life starts where school ends.
what a load of shit, i have never missed school once...fucking hated it.
yah u can sy dat bro,im rite behind u
I'm 50 years old and have never missed high school for one day.
mm... I rather miss my college days more than my school days!
Ke nny
not so much
Jajajaja, I think them every day
yahh right i miss my school life & also my old friends too..=(
i'll believe it when it happens
Um, nope. I don't miss school one bit. I hope I never have to go back.
yep that quote happened to me when i left alfred faust school...i miss it. :(
that's true.......i miss my school days......
it is pretty 6 years that i dont go to school but i never miss it

maybe because we miss the light-heartedness of childhood, the "dreams can become true" thought of  children, and the beginning of life (all is still open for children, all ways - university, learning a profession, etc.)
It's true
I really miss my school from day i left .I wanted to again one day with my class mates but it will not happen :-(
Couldn't agree with u more my parents want to move but the idea of making new friends and not talking to my friends that I went with to day care and all these years !!!!!!!!!!!! 😥😳
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