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This sounds a lot like a pokemon game...
Tony Va
i thought i got it , then i didn't , now i'm not so sure ...
This is offensive to people with depression and anxiety disorders. Wow. So empowering.
Tony Va
i still don't get it ...
lorna i was talking to some one else if u thought i was talking to u
this picture is not funny why do u think that this pic is funny
what is a true story i am lost
Attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.
All that we are, and all that we can become has indeed been
left unto us. For as long as you continue to draw breath, you have the chance to complete the work in and for the earth and for yourself that God has begun for you.
In the cycles and seasons of life, attitude is everything!...
I was talkin' About what was in the pic.and I didn't find anything funny in it pal
Rich richer, poor's fairly subjective. How're their souls holding up?
Is too pragmatic to consider the false dilemma and seek a third
It all depends on what side you DECIDE to see (and remember, a decisions by default is still a decision!).
does anyone talk to zendaya coleman
Jay, don't think it's meant to be humorous...just thoughtful.
Anyone live in Bakersfield wanna buy a boost mobile phone comment on one of my posts
so very true and it's sad how lazy people are these days
most people only interested to find a problem without thinking to solve it, that's why always be a loser.
#1 comment on these dumb picture quote things.... "sooo true" crap is redundant as Fuck... 
thought and order of works makes you great.
leave a problem unattended - never win
Need an entry in the losers column that says "whine about their best" and one in the winners column that says "go home and f*ck the prom queen."
I still don't know what I wanted,,so unsure..
"The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes us a little more time".
...and done. That would be best.
munju s
glass half full...or...half empty...
There are three kinds of people. Those that make things happen,Those that watch things happen and the ones that wonder what's happening.
Glass neither full nor empty but twice as large as it should be ;)
I see the glass completely full. 50% water, 50% air
its not funny its true d feelin' when v loose or win
its not funny its true d feelin' when v loose or win
engage your mind in realistic thinking, weigh both just dont have to be negative about the whole thing
That Could Happen But Of Course You Have To Be Nice To Them Not Go"Haha I One You Lost You Loser" So Always Say Something Like"Good Try"
Winners: Get it.
Losers: Dont get it.

lol peace
With this i can judge myself that m nt a loser...
Who came up with the name Funny Pictures?... weird sense of humour
I wish there got a word between winner and loser.
Funny... I say that and I still lose....
This picture is not funny. Miscategorized? Do real people post these, or is this a robot dumping from a pile?
really worthy!!!!!!!!!!
true if the loser would turn the corner than we would not have that prob lol
Winners the only thing that is impossible is impossibility
g Cohen
IDK which 1 i m.
which side are you on? mine is in between hehehe
it looks to me more like optimist vs. pesimist, rather than winners vs. losers.
sirikumpodhu valkaiyai vala mudiyum.but azhumpodhu than valkaiyai purindhu kolla mudiyum.
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