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Capitalism ...
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Not to be confused with Taylorism :[]
The republicans are the ones in the top hat I bet. :-)
Capitalism is the guy on the left who will sell those fish. Government is the guy on the right who is taking the majority of it.
I think a better description would be both of them with their rods in the water and no fish anywhere, because they were excessively economically rational...
+Ben Helstad No, the picture for socialism would be two people fishing from the same stream and sharing their catch.
But in physical view, shape of two strings are too funny and impossible!
ha haha hahahah aha ohhh yes this is true....
Socialism would make everyone shitty at fishing cause you don't eat more fish if you're a better fisher
yeah.. that's not the spirit of Capitalism.. rather, its a depiction of an unfortunate side effect of it.. its called 'Opportunism'.
Actually, this would be a picture portraying Communism and Obama-Socialism. The average American is the guy trying to work hard and get his fish, and the man in the top hat is the Socialist government taking his fish and supposedly giving it to "poor people who deserve better" (i.e. who didn't work two minutes for it and won't)
Liz X
Because socialism is so much better...Fact is, capitalism is the best system in a world of corrupt men trying to rob other corrupt men without being robbed.
Tom Shirk
Ben Helstad & Paul Duxbury you're both wrong, using a silly cartoon to demonize a gross miscaricature of the other's position. Shame on you.
What is happening here is theft. Plain and simple. Neither capitalism nor socialism tolerates the outright unilateral theft of another's property.
Paul, you say that if it were socialism the two would be fishing from the same river and sharing their catch. WRONG. That's Communism; indeed it's not even Communism as Marx envisioned the statist dictatorship of the proletariat as a necessity (i.e. a period of socialism). What you envision isn't part of an economic system because IT HAS NO ECONOMY. Two people sharing (even a two million sharing) is not an economy. There is no exchange of goods and services only the communal stream which all use.
Socialism would be if two fishermen fished the stream while the Tophat there doled out the fish evenly. I... am I becoming a TROLL??
Sorry. Ignore me. Feed me not. For some reason I am going to click "Post comment" very shortly. Why? I just don't know. Some inane need to be heard? Maybe but here I go... clicking.... cliiiiicking...aaaaand...
I think someone got confused because that is EXACTLY what Communism was!
+Paul Helstad, socialism could also be pictures as two people and a stream, one person is finishing, another is doing nothing but they both are sharing the catch :)
Actually, the socialism that I lived was more like one hundred people starving a the shore but not allowed to fish, while the man with the suit try fishing with a spear or his bare hands, catches half a bucket and then feeds only three or four of the smaller fishes to the crowd... Who has to wait in line and not exceed their monthly quota.
a good pic of capitalism.Upper class exploits the labor of lower class
Yup, this is socialism. I don't know where people learn these false ideas about social systems.
+Tom Shirk That purely depends on how you see the picture. For example this is true of the two men in the picture have a employee-employer/shareholder relationship :)
More like Socialism, goverment taking it all
"If you don't like capitalism, socialism is working perfectly in china and Cuba. " What an awful divisive thing to say. You missed the point that capitalism is barely holding together in your western stronghold.

In case you didn't remember - the world is PEOPLE not capital, companies, products, et al... People. Society is the fabric of the human world. Socialism when executed well and fairly doesn't leave some people at home doing nothing (thats a welfare state, society still demands people play a part). Capitalism is the thorn in the modern human experience. I hope we find a better way, but rubbishing more IDEALISTIC models is not helping now is it.
This isn't the case. In a capitalists society the poor man willingly and knowingly hands over his money to the rich. The capitalist's pyramid is built on the backs of the poor. But, given the laziness and greed in mankind, and wanting as much freedom as society will allow, what other option is there but capitalism?
Mr. Fereday, why would that be better? With capitalism, doesn't the poor man have a chance to climb the pyramid?
When I get older and my children are all grown up, I will come look for the majority of people in this conversation when I start to miss the sound of whining babies who piss in their pants.
Without capitalism, you have no money that the government takes via taxes so you can get your handouts. If you have a job, you have no job without capitalism. Quit looking for a boogie-man to justify your hatred for your mommy and daddy who never hugged you. So lame.
i just think it's stupid coz its just like life turn ur back for one minute and you get everythikng taken off you
in normal society the guy stealing my family's food would be arrested or shot.
Hmm with socialism the gov tales all, with Capitalism the corps take all. So that begs the question. . . Who the hell is this guy???
Looks more like Heavy Taxation to me. One does the work and the other takes from that Labor.
I agree, it does seem more like socialism. You fish, and we'll take it all and distribute it to those who are too lazy to fish.
+Jam Bra Alright jam I adding you to my conservative circle. I like you!

This is also a fine example of the mindless masses going along with whatever the media spoon feeds them. Show them a "funny" cartoon that is supposed to be about "evil capitalism" and they all go along with it. I saw it on the internet, it's got to be true.
Could be socialism or communism but also looks a lot like our modern democracies filled with crony capitalism. Certainly is not capitalism.
Awkwardly enough, that is reality... though it shouldn't be like that :|, by the way, if the fisherman is the capitalist, where are the oppressed workers? And what the hell has the government has to do with capitalism?!
definitely socialism....i'll take what you've worked for.
stealing from someone else is socialism, not capitalism. sad you are posting about this yet don't know the difference
That's pretty much how it happens. Poor man works hard, rich man takes from poor man.

But America takes it further; rich man then gets mad because he has to pay same tax rate as poor man, whines about government being on his neck and crap. I guess rich people have forgotten HOW they became rich and on whose backs they did it.

Capitalism would be the top hat guy with a very expensive pole...actually 10 very expensive poles.
stealing natural resources from other countries is CAPITALISM
Only when the guy in black cuts off the head & tail and gives it to the welfare cases and keeps the rest for himself could it be construed as Socialism.
Capitalism takes the whole basket leaving the worker with what's on his line, gives the taxman the undersize and cries about it whilst his tally-clerks put the rest in his offshore fridge..... ;)
No one is making you commit to a transaction. If you don't like where you work or what you buy you are free to not do it. Do you really think you would be greedy if you had a business?
Obviously, you need to be told what to like a drone if you like this.:)
interesting picture and on the spot too!
"I do not think it means what you think it means."
Looks more like the government to me.
Bho on right. poor working man on left.
who ever thinks this is a picture of Capitalism has ZERO idea what the capitalism actually means. it makes me sad for the country to see all the people commenting on this actually thinking that. NO WHERE in capitalism does anyone steal from you something YOU earned. thats called Socialism where people who work have to pay for the people that don't.
thin man is fisherman but fat man with coat is a businessman right?
america capitalism is why china numba 1 now! #winning #sillyamericans
Life is really indeed a drawing without an eraser.
Actually, this really looks like socialism,,,
This is the most twisted picture of capitalism ever and it isn't funny because it isn't at all true. The government is the only entity that takes your money without your consent.
prefiero eso que el falso socialismo - comunismo que solo enriquece a uno sin dejar prosperar a nadie ... ademas ese grafico parece lo que vive Cuba, Venezuela y todos esos comunistas
Just paint in a defense contractor behind the rich guy with an anti-personnel sound cannon driving the poor guy to his knees in pain and agony.
This is not capitalism, but truly socialism.... people make money by their hard work and the socialists who do not like to work want a share
Right! The Capitalist would have gotten government approval to fence the are off so he could control who could have the fish. Attempts by those fenced-out to re-gain access so they could again earn their fish would be branded "Socialist" or "Job-killing Regulations".
At least he had the chance to fill up his basket. If it were socialism, the government would have already taken the fish before he even got it out of the water.
why america numba 2 then and china numba 1. ya'll can suck wangs yerrow balls
That's a Republican for ya. Must be the one governing Maine.
No, not capitalism. Taxation.
Google+ - because YouTube comments weren't bad enough.
As the US woves toward socialism, at least here, we will be giving our pay checks to the government. They will decide what we deserve to get. If anyone doesnt think that is Obamas plan they will be rudely awakened!
america still suck a fat wang when compared to chinaland! wang not trying to be disrespectful but china very hard numba 1 right now.
It's interesting to me the number of commentors who see this as socialism or communism. Not many are seeing this as a worker and his boss/corporation who makes the profit off of him .... It's fascinating that more people see the guy in the top hat as government and not just the boss or CEO.
Reality... this is what is going on in our countries today, the labourers are under the sun working while the eaters are under a shield waiting to receive
that is right but who is culprit ? me , you , capitalist ,
governments, or .....?
This is not a good depiction of how capitalism is supposed to work. However, thanks to corruption and organizations that grow so big that the relation of the workers to the higher echelons is almost impossible to correlate, this is what most of the public thinks it is.

If most people believe that this is capitalism then it is because of economic corruption and a lack of better examples in their daily lives. I don't blame them for their opinion, but I don't agree with the picture's depiction.
whiteman used to take from the chinaman but now the chinamen take it back #Wu-Tang
It's been like this for a while...
Many people have negative comments about Obama.....don't 4get what party set the table in the first
Chine rules the world now anyway by Geopolitics.
Its those dumb sunsobitches that are ruin it for us hard working americans. Feed the poor. Thats why they poor. Let em feed themselfs! They should of worked harder to gets whats theres. Uh hunh, uh hunh!

Climb back into your hole, Mike Kennedy.
Ever hear of H.A.A.R.P..?
Yes, in America democracy means we get to choose whether our overlords will be the government, or the 1% ... not that there's much difference these days, mind you.
no one steal for poor in chinaland poor just work in sweatshop and everyone leave them be!
fear mongering idiots.

if the picture were one of socialism, the fish would have been distributed amongst everyone else, equally.
BS. That's a depiction of socialism.
No, Mr. Kulp(Et al), a depiction of socialism would entail the fisherman turning around and sharing his fish with the other members of his community in exchange for their goods and services. If you think you need to defend the virtues of capitalism simply by bashing the alternatives please do some research and critical thinking on the benefits of a system in a closed loop that is intrinsically dependent on perpetual growth. Good luck and God speed sir.
capitalism sucks some salty balls when compared to numba 1 china
Theblack hatter is unfair
So, the guy on the left is demonstrating capitalism and the guy on the right is demonstrating liberal socialism?
The guy on the left is an expert fisherman, that's all he chose to do in life. The guy on the right is just learning how to fish and got the catch of the day bcus he decided to try something different. which one are you?
Are you defending capatilism because you are a capitalist? 
ohhh sad americans cause china numba 1! prease
These picture describes how the world function ...cruel reality...but in the same time magnificent....
Actually the river is the corporations and the suit is the government.
Looks more like socialism to me. The guy on the left is working for his own fish, and the guy on the right is looking for his "fair share".
Quite funny but sometimes its easier that way.
Bullshit, this is more of an analogy for a socialist or communist economy. The guy in the suit is pilfering the hard earned profits of the actual fisherman. That is, he represents the government that produces nothing yet takes everything you (the capitalist) worked so hard to earn. It reminds me of what they are about to do in France with their 75% tax rate.
It seems to me like some people posting have a gross misunderstanding of the difference between capitalism and corporatism.
Socialism with Chinese characteristics.
ha ha ha ha ..........................
The idea that this somehow represents capitalism is absurd. This isn't even a defense of capitalism; the illustration doesn't even reference any real aspect of capitalism or anything even remotely related to economics. A rich guy stealing? Yeah, that only happens in a capitalist environment.....
Fools. It's not complex and full of hidden meanings. The wealthy exploit the masses and we are too busy fishing to notice.
So the 'American Dream' over first world problems with homeless on the street. When the third world countries poor living on mountains of garbage trying to survive. Well where is the greed from exactly again?
How is capitalism bad? The countries with the lowest poverty rate are all capitalist. Oh wait.. let me guess the poverty rate of all the other nations is our fault.. Maybe they are poor because they are not capitalist.

For those of you who complain about the US and the rich as though you are barely getting by.. how many of you own an Iphone or Android and pay $100 a month for service. How many of you no longer have stock wheels on your car or spend $50 a month on video games. That does not sound like a life or death income to me.
With Capitalism the man sells the fish that he catches. In Socialism everyone already owns all the fish equally, but the man in black gets to decide who is more equal.
Really? I thought the guy on the right was "The Rich".
mmmmhm, capitalism indeed, at least what it has become.
hahahahaha!! reminds me of Opening Day on the Kenai Trying to Fly Fish. haha, so packed with people everyone has to cast at the same time #truestory
The comic image has the ability to depict whatever the beholder wants, which tells you that within socialism and capitalism, there are elements of something similar. In capitalism, the businessman may be exploiting the worker, and in socialism, the government may be exploiting the worker. Two sides of a similar coin, with different overall societal results.

Smart people would begin to accept that we need not have only one system, and that you can take elements of both. Those same people are also aware that the US has never been purely capitalistic, with many of our favored programs having elements of socialism in them.
By the virtue that the people discussing this picture(including me) and the person who drew the picture all have enough money to maintain an internet connection and the time to manage a +Google account, it is clear that, in this forum, the likelihood of any first hand experience with poverty is very low. Go ahead and thank capitalism for your computer. I'm sure you deserved it more than the poor.
+Jennifer Isaacs have you ever been to a third world country? Most of the garbage is their own. It's normally due to infrastructure problems with garbage disposal or extremely high population density coupled with infrastructure problems. Yes there are some countries that host garbage dumps and "recycling centers" for the superpowers. But they invited it and get paid for it so it's not like anybody is dumping anything on them without their permission.

Greed that is present in third world countries normally comes from their own regimes who obfuscate relief funds, from the US capitalists and first world governments you love to hate in your post, meant for the populace into their own coffers. Third world autocrats love to be in control and normally take the guise of socialism as an act of good faith to their citizenry when they are actually using it to ration larger helpings for themselves and their allies in government while providing a promise of "hope" to their constituents that will never be delievered.
Best Example of "Private Company" :)
A better, completely hypothetical, system could blend personal ownership and regulation of resources for those that suffer; a hybrid I suspect this nation may be headed for. Also, for the sake of a little trolling, consider that Jesus was a socialist. =)
Who give the permission? The government or actually the people sitting on it?
a very humorous way of representing the truth>>>> hope the learn from it>>>
You know what, I'm in a good mood. Here's an example of a few American socialist practices that I'm certain you thank your lucky bacon for: Public Education. Social Security. The roads you drive on, essentially and definitively, anything you pay taxes for. OH SNAP! We're already REDS! Quick kill yourself!
Who or what needs to be sacrificed to have those to gain power of what they wish? Who must be the one(s) to suffer and slave (voluntary or not) for there to be a productive civilization and healthy for a few of the powerful?
Pretty legit, you know.
Nope, thats communism. (He then hands it out to all the guys sitting around.)
No actually that's socialism. In capitalism the guy on the opposite bank would ask the fisherman what bait he was using. Without govt encroaching on the fisherman he can decide on his own whether or not to share that information with the man on the opposite bank.

However, since he is attempting to steal the fruits of the fisherman's hard earned labor then the man on the opposite bank is obviously a socialist and will with the permission of his govt. steal the man's fish since he has and give to himself and others who have not.
More like government to do that, business owners aren't bad people just because they take risk and create jobs.
This is capitalism, socialism, communism... This is a society we live. 
Capitalism: The reason your sitting at your desk posting things on
social networks.
The reason you can Occupy anything.
Keep biting the hand.
it's called taking advantage of the efforts of others
Jon Lee
owh! haha smart
Ecuador is like the pic lol
Good point the capitalist is really the one guy on the left while the guy on the right is probably from the IRS.
this is what happen in malaysia now
Capitalism means different things to different people apparently. What happened to property rights and the non-aggression principle in this conception?
Seriously - what kind of doofus thinks this is capitalism?
everywhere in the world this happen specially middleast.....
This isn't capitalism.. this image represents something else entirely.

Capitalism would be a booth on the fisherman's side of the river where fish are bought, sold, cleaned, cooked, etc.
Always, poor people work hard, and then ritch people take the efforts,,,
That looks like That Game on BBC bitesize Questinare
Nice pic and wat lovly way to bring it out fishing is fun and cartoons are lovly 
Right, but by 'consent' both fishing rods, the river and the property belongs to the man on the right.
I understand that the fisherman will bring his fish to market and sell them and reinvests the profits in his business, but there is no where in capitalism where a man dressed like an undertaker robs you. OH wait, its cool and edgy to dislike capitalism, I get it. You don't even need to know the first thing about creating a job or a business. I'm going to share this with my friends with my iPhone and Mac Computer on Google and Facebook.
+Ben Helstad You're assuming the other guy is doing nothing at all. He could be building houses or any number of occupations, the fruits of which he would share with the fisherman and vice versa.
This persona doesn't undersanta capitalism at all
+Tom Shirk Possibly you are overreacting a tad. It was snarky rejoinder to a snarky comment, with no claims to any great intellectual rigour. We're here to lob ideological grenades rather than debate eternal Truths. By the way, if you use the + thingy when replying to a specific person, it's easier to discover the replies.
notice it takes a longer cane pole andline to steal someone else's catch.
Uh, +Wang Long, China could not survive without the Unites States. The only reason China has any kind of advantage is because it holds its currency at artificially low prices, making it's goods seem cheaper at the cost of its own people. And China isn't stealing US manufacturing either, it just does it way less efficiently, which inflates the number of manufacturing jobs it takes in china to produce the same amount of goods in the US. This appears on paper to look like our jobs are moving to China, when really China just has lower productivity than the US, and uses more people to produce the same amount of goods.
# venture capitalism ---> w ian odonnell $ elizabeth jameson reese
I think that's Thomas Edison on the right...
+Gagah Putra Arifianto I've always thought Tesla is a totally undervalued person in our history. You read more about what went down and it just infuriates me more.
This would actually be Communism because historically its been the government taking from the people, not the other way around. And entrepreneurs are the ones making everything happen.. they are the go get-ers in society and the inverntors...Like Bill Gates, and historcally speaking, Benjamin Franklin was a Capitalist, Republican, inventor, and one of the founders of the USA.
Un huh. Looks about right. We do all the hard work and the rich take all the profits leaving us little to nothing.
No, that's socialism, capitalism is an exchange.
I am am guessing that this will hit the 500 mark on comments eventually. At least if we keep speaking about politics.
Wrong Wrong Wrong.

Here in Egypt they always talk about "the cake"; how the capitalists take the bigger share of it.
That's cow-shit!!
Capitalists plant wheat, raise chicken and cows, get the flour + the milk and ghee + the eggs, make a cake and sell it with a profit, what's wrong with that?!
Yes farmers labored in the fields and barns, yes they can't afford a whole cake or even sometimes parts of it.
But the point is; there would be no cake without the capitalist, and if there was no cake there wouldn't have been any farms or barns and the farmer would've eventually be a bum.

Project the same idea on this dumb cartoon:
Capitalists dig channels and provide fish with their feed, and then they fish them with a huge net and mass produce them.

On the other hand, they leave for the poor the freedom to fish with a fishing stick from the channel, which essentially would've never existed without the capitalist's invention/intervention.
Who was the artist that has made this picture and what is it called? Any one know.
Capitalism rewards those who work hard, this is not capitalism...all of you "doing the hard work" and having your money taken away by the "rich" should consider something. You would be sitting on your butt without a job if not for those people who created your job, i.e. the "rich".

Everyone thinks that they "deserve" more, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Get up off the couch and make something of yourself, don't wait around for the government to give you part of what is not yours!
haha:) loving the pix. makes m think of my friendship. while you busy helping someone or ....... the other person taakes your friends away or even better tries and make your whole entire life hell
Isn't this more like socialism? People who don't do the work are rewarded with the money from those who do the work. (i.e. government run programs for those who don't work, paid by those who do work)
Communism?! Time to bone up on those political science courses.This is definitely capitalism at its worse! But then I guess you are either rich or think you will eventually become rich.Who knows buddy,maybe you will be the owner of the biggest corporation in the world( the one that gobbles all the weaker ones up in the future) but ya wanna know what I think? You are going to fail,and end up simply WORKING for the biggest corporation in the world.They hold a carrot just beyond your reach,it's not actually a carrot, but it's a picture of you sitting on a throne ruling all the workers of the world.Sound about right?
Think about your medic care and your doctors
The caption said capitalism and someone said it looks more like communism,so I am commenting on that post,but when I pressed enter the post disapeared! Are these posts even real?!!Maybe google put them up "to get the ball rolling.So my post seems out of context.
Look at all the countries who are not "Capitalist" severe failure. In Iron Curtin Russia the people were more capalisitic than anywhere. Because having everyone equal breeds lack of motivation. Ask anyone living in a former communist country. Perhaps you should research yourself rather than espousing a failed and flawed system of governance.
I have an idea...nobody can get rich and nobody can succeed beyond a certain point. The government doesn't want you to have more fish than you need, because that would be "unfair". They will then take your fish from you and do what they feel should be done with the fish. This is what the picture depicts to me, if it were a comic strip the next picture would be of Mr. Tophat wasting a bunch of fish.
+Paul Duxbury the pic for socialism would be two people standing by a stream stocking it with large fish and the government handing them each different sized fish...neither fish quite as big as the ones they stocked the stream with in the first place.
Not exactly how capitalism works...nice try though.
+Gregory Gates No, the pic for socialism would be one person putting a lot of fish in the stream and one person putting very little fish into the stream. The government, Mr. Tophat, would then come along and distribute the fish to the person who did not put many, if any, fish into the stream.
Survival of the fittest. Cry more.
its a cartoon. its not an absolute evaluation of any socio-economic system. Both work in their pure forms and both can be corrupt. Socailism relies on the integrity and judgement of the government and capitalism relies on the same from owners of corporations. All these are demonized but really are just people.
This is an illustration of Socialism. Capitalism is quite the opposite.
i get it the rich guys stealing the the not so rich guys fish
I like it when people say in a capitalist society people all have the same chance to become rich. This is wrong, everybody could work hard but not everybody can be rich, it's built in to the system. At least if communism was implanted correctly people would all share the benefits of our world.

No rich, no poor!

Even better would be a resource based economy. No money and the 99% would have more than they currently will. 
Kris you overlooked the guys clothing and top hat.. Rich takes from poor = capitalism 
the both are fishing from different place, one from the river the other from the basket. the one from the river is guaranteed only one stuff food, the one from the basket is guaranteed three stuffs,1)anything,2)a pouch if he gets caught and ,3)a prison term for stealing.
the both are fishing from different place, one from the river the other from the basket. the one from the river is guaranteed only one stuff food, the one from the basket is guaranteed three stuffs,1)anything,2)a pouch if he gets caught and ,3)a prison term for stealing.
i like ur photo u look awsome rock on
the both are fishing from different place, one from the river the other from the basket. the one from the river is guaranteed only one stuff food, the one from the basket is guaranteed three stuffs,1)anything,2)a pouch if he gets caught and ,3)a prison term for stealing.
I didn't overlook anything. The dude in the top hat is a politician. The guy on the left is a small business owner. Some of you are really confused.
How is this correct? If it were actually capitalism ,it would be the top hat selling the bait to the fisherman.
HA!!! thats super funny. true though.... the economy these days.....
most of this is some pretty funny shit, alot better than most of the stuff on here...keep up the funny stuff...thanks for the laughs....
i think the guy that has his line in the pond is thinking that he is catching the same fish
This in not capitalism. A capitalist is a individul that designed the fishing pole and the basket. Saw it as useful and marketed it to fisherman to use, yes in that design he made money. The picture depicts the government taking from the fisherman to give to someone else that refuses to work for his food.
Be it Nazism and both of them would be counting there ends in a concentration camp.
At least both men appear to be working and not expecting someone to just hand it to them. Too much of that. It's as much a political as it is a social issue. 
A Sam
Yep.....its life unfortunately...
bs liberal view, guy fishes first for a job at at the bizmans co. then bizman takes his share. and without the job to go to the guy is broke and homeless.
oooh so many are there so why work hard :)
EhsAn G
Nice 'n sweet 'n sexy 'n and absolutely right!
Au contraire. That is not capitalism. This is the exact opposite - and the guy with the top hat is a politician. The fisherman is the capitalist, trying to sell his catch so he can pay his bills.
Nope, its Uncle Sam with his fish hook on the earnings of the fisherman.
that's socialism/communism: redistribution of wealth
Lei Shi
poor vs rich, hard work vs smart work, worker vs banker, ...
if i called him a cheater it would be hypocrisy,but correct.
R. Pal
ur 500?
not true thats more like communism, take all the work people do and divide it evenly, makes u not want to work
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