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that is very much like my life,,,r u stalking me?
It's true and it gives a hard time making love or hating people but u still love them from the inside!!!;)
now that is a person with true wisdom who ever wrote that deserves a high five high fives air lol
A 'Nena
Amen sister...or brother...
nice ...positive attitude!!
A 'Nena
Love every life form and respect it...and it you feel that you've lost the ability to love.. just remember a time when you wanted love and could not get it it will create compassion and make it easy.
Very good nana if u can do sent this pitchar on my email
Love and Hate... Both cannot exist at the same time.
Choose one wisely and the other is dead...
Hate and love are not purposive. You can not choose to love or hate.
Hate causes pain while love is smoothing. Both are part of life. I doubt if it is possible to silence one completely. The best we can do is to pursue one more than the other. I encourage the pursuit of love.
you should look at my epic pictures i put on like literly 5 minuts ago
FEEL = no friend = NO ATTITUDE
LIVE = no enemy = NO EGO
Lol, I don have FEELING of hating, I don't know it may be because my heart it busy with love FEELING
Something Definetly To Live By...
Is this a new Theory developed by Harvard
h aha ha a ha
Bri Boo
totally fricken tru. although i am guilty sometimes... but he wasnt hurt that bad
damn i love that post....
Love this!! It's what I live my life by :)
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Not true but I wish it was...
I so love this too!!!!
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