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I guess that guy do that because le women was flirting with another guy... nah never mind
How do u watch gifs( im on an iPod touch 4g)
to exited?.. or he like hardcore?.. crzy man..
به گمونم عبا س آقاست
Notice how he kept dancing after he slapped her.
that is realllllllly funny...... i cant stop laughing, m getting stomach ache
so that was 3 bish slaps right? okay 1. abuse , 2. control , 3. domination
not funny arresive
Can someone plz write to me telling me how to watch these gifs(I'm on iPod touch 4 gen)
aww, they missed the next dance move where she rips his balls off and shoves them down his throat :(
omg.ila kuda kotachaa.... nice experiment...:)
that is really funny lol, but y is he doing it???
Y did he smack her? Is it a dance move or what, but the lady looked dazed/shocked so I think the guy did it for another reason
Haha not funny but actually, who would smack their dance partner???
its the guy dancing with her, its his fault cuz the guy next to him tries to back the slapper's hands but he is holding on
is not a good motivation for the slapping, but I condemn shame
That guy is a criminal. I hope someone bitch slaps him.
yoh i would have kicked him where it hurts the most jackass. and she is just letting him to that to her shame
he doesnt seem too sorry :3
+1 if u like the guys mustache...
He has an Napoleon Complex. He's too short to turn her around properly so he smacks her. What a DICK!!!
If he's like that with her out on the dance floor what's he like with her behind closed doors.
Ur soooo rite, he needs to be turned around and given a boot up hs behind lol
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u can say that again jackass................
so funy i cant stop laghing
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