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Good things vs Better things !
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i guess so...but what if something bad happens?
That is the most true thing I have heared all day
Heyy someone sees me what's up
what does "work" mean? I have worked very hard for some things that never happened.
It won't let me add any1 on this iPad 
I was tryn this iPad don't work right 
Very true. A lot of people never understand that. 
It won't let me add u the Internet here sucks
only people who are not lazy and do this can actually know if better things can come if you work for it
I have heard that saying before! It is true!
No. "Good things come to those who take it and shove it in their mouths." ~ Templeton

I'm totally kidding. This rox.
Well all y'all talk about is the quote even though I agree with it it gets annoying 
Then someone say something new for a change 
nothing but you have to tell me how old r u now
I'm 14 but I'm turnin 15 this year
hey, forget about the age just work for it.... lol..
Sorry Marcus I can't add anyone on my iPad 
Kim Li
That is SO true
Generation Y and Z pay attention
true people work for your own things i like it that way okay
Yeah that don't work no more chief.
Liar Liar what ever you do you get what you deserve.
it depends on the condition.......
Love it because it happend to me;-)
Things become better when you get it earlier when you work for it instead of waiting.
True, nice, absolutely cool!!
True. Thanks for remind me not to wait.
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