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Forever alone on the internet!
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To use it as background noise while using your tablet also
that's dumm. tv uses up a whole lot more energy, why not keep radio on? is what i do...

Seriously, stop watching me!
right now the tv is on, music is playing but iam on the internet
I belong to neither of them:
turn on the TV but turn off the sound if I'm not really watching -- just keep the TV on and zapping from time to time to see if there's anything worth watching :)
don't watch TV anymore, just DVDs on the big screen
awww i totally agree i hate being lonely
oh thats sad, not hahaha lol sad as in somewhat depressing
At least I didn't watch any tv programs for the last 6 months apart from selected football matches, otherwise it's kids belonging 
Exactly YES....Thats what all I do very often.

Overall rating
Maybe i can turn off the tv but can't do without music or internet
hahahahah thats soooo funny where did u get it? ebay?
I never rlly noticed it until now but I do use as a noise while I'm online LOL
MR. Man
its like the same thing with me
soooooo troo i love hte internet <3
woah, and I've thought I'm the only insane here.
ima be honest right now with all my frands on teh internet ONLY BIDDIES USE TVS LIKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH DEM WHEN YA GOT MEE ON GOOGLE +
I read with music and tv. It helps me conentrate
my mom says it makes no sense. to me it helps me concentrate.
I have to have the music blasting and tv in front of me
without it i get distracted and can't concentrate on reading
I hate wasting time so I turn on TV when Web pages seem very slow to load. :P
T.V. is just a Pacman of uselss background noise.
Lol thats so cool are you really loneley
Hah. It's usually some random paranormal TV show running when I'm browsing.
I Keep the TV turned off. Otherwise the TV people show up and weird things start happening in my apartment like chairs being mysteriously rearranged when I'm not looking. 
The purple part is me! CUZ IM NORMAL
hate to admit, but its true !
That is so me... I like to have the background noise, not necessarily because of loneliness though.
Or, in my case, to obliterate the more random - and therefore distracting - ambient noise.
Because ignoring on the internet less satisfying.
monitor to my playstation is missing
Isaiah 65: 22 says " They shall not build and another inhabit; they shall not plant and another eat; for as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people, and My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands."
I was trying to justify how that chart wasn't true only to realize I was on g+, and browsing the internet with the tv in the background. Not at all watching it.
its funny cuz thts what is happenin' right now
Oh my gosh, I just realized I'm watching KIDS shows as my backround noise, weird.
doesn't apply to me. I have one tab open up on a movie/show while surfing the internet..
it's scaring me, i did that in early and mid 90s when i started using internet, and i turned MTV on.. LOL
Having the TV on while surfing the web is like trying to read while someone is talking to you.
Lol I never watch teevee
I am never lonely because I have friends I do not know about you but when I'm on the computer I am with friends on club penguin!! :I
Ha the picture looks like PAC-Man eating your TV watching statistics.
Funny but Truth: I've been on G+ for about the last 2 hours and about 5 minutes ago before reading this, I looked back at the TV and thought about turning it on just for some background noise.....LOL
I do that with the radio. It passes the time, and hepse to focus.
exactly lol ... especially when you work at night and alone in you house
What would we do without the good ole sound of televisions ;)
i dont go on the internet... i surf it with my radio on not some stupid tv
its soooo true, im doing it right now!!!!
this is why people need to go out and talk to people you are on the internet to talk to people but to lazy to go outside and actualy talk to someone so yu have to waist energy on tv for your lonely ass. GET LIVES PEOPLE lol
:O! i taught i was the only one hahaha
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