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Rick Washbrook
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Guitar Lessons Newmarket washbrookmusic
Guitar Lessons Newmarket washbrookmusic

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58 Lindsay Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L4Y-4N6
Learn Jazz Guitar RIck Washbrook Coach (289) 552-1158

Learn Jazz Guitar
With Rick Washbrook
(289) 552-1158

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Guitar Lessons Aurora & Newmarket
Learn without frustration!
The methods I have developed over the many years is what I truly feel I have to offer you to learn calm and faster!

I have been playing for 40 years and teaching since I was 17 years old.

Open for Adults and Children!!!

There are very many talented young students that can play the whole song. It can be done. It takes a teacher I feel to make it exciting and knows how to break a song down bar by bar and have fun and while working toward the completion of a 16 or 32 bar song.

I am excited to see a youthful student to enjoy playing music. It is a good challenge for me and I do love teaching.

The Testimonials

"I have studied with Rick Washbrook for a year now in vocals and guitar. Out of all the music teachers I have had, Rick has been the most experienced and versatile teacher. I have taken lessons from many music stores and get more time and quality per dollar with Rick. He is by far the best music teacher, I have ever seen including private lessons, elementary and high school".
Thomas Mason

"Rick is an awesome guitar teacher and one I would definitely recommend. His passion for music is something that I noticed right away, during our first lesson. He is the kind of teacher that literally lives and breathes music and that love inspired me to continue my own practice and learning on not just the acoustic, but also the electric guitar. Rick is very approachable and easy going, while having the knowledge and skill to help me in my own musical pursuits. I can just bring him a song I'm into and he'll have it figured out and be teaching it to me within a very short time. I came to Rick a complete beginner, and he was able to teach me at that level while still making it fun and interesting. As I've become a more advanced player, he continues to be an appropriate and inspiring teacher".
J Russel

"I have been working with rick for several months now. We are working on song production and creating demos. He has been instrumental (pun intended) in helping me with song writing suggestions and also with guitar playing techniques and vocal coaching. I feel very confident in the work that we have accomplished together. He is a truly gifted player. This can be easily verified by checking out his recordings on the net. He is a very good and easy going person and I would highly recommend him for music lessons and/or recording sessions".
Trevor Burns

"My experience with Rick Washbrook has been excellent! His vast knowledge of musical theory, and techniques have helped in reinforcing my excitement for playing the guitar, and learning the secrets of music itself. Rick brought to my attention the "Tetra-chord system". I now not only understand my modes inside out , but I can play with lightning speed. Rick Washbrook is a very friendly and enthused teacher who truly loves sharing the joys of music. With 40 years of experience Rick can cater to any learning style in which the student demands. To my surprise; I recently have been exposed Jazz guitarist 'Lenny Breau'. I didn't realize with Rick that he recorded a tribute to Lenny in 2001, very cool."
Drake Merlot

"I have been studying guitar with Rick Washbrook for over a year now. It is amazing how quickly Rick can pull the notes from the solos by ear for me. I have been playing for 20 years. I first came to Rick to work on my slide guitar playing and now I have a ton of licks and feel more comfortable how to play them more in pitch.
Now we are working on all aspects of the guitar. What I like the most about Rick is his enthusiasm and his dedication to really want to see me get better. Every lesson there is something new. He has a great recording studio and makes me loops of songs so I can practice at home my guitar parts and vocals, and he always makes a video of our lessons for home work. I suggest Rick Washbrook to any one for Guitar Lessons".
Bob Watson

"I have been studying with Rick for a few years now and his style is really great. He helped me with many aspects of my playing, especially soloing. He even recorded songs with me. He has a lot of knowledge not just on playing but also recording techniques. His many years of experience have helped me broaden my horizon on different styles of playing and music. That is something unique I've never found in another teacher before. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their playing and have fun jamming in the process. He is a great teacher".

"I have really enjoy my guitar lessons with Rick Washbrook. His ability to shape the lessons to my interests and needs has been great. In particular he has been able to create lessons to help pursue my desire to learn jazz guitar. He has also helped me with my bass playing as well. Not to mention his patient approach to teaching. His recordings show a real soul and passion for guitar".

"Rick conducted a "Blues Guitar Workshop" at our home. The people involved all found him helpful, a great teacher and fun to work with. We all went away with new guitar riffs to improve us in our guitar playing and performing".
David Joyce

"I have been studying a little guitar and a lot of vocal training with Rick for the last 6 months. Rick does more than help me sing a song. I keep learning different techniques in which I had never been shown. Rick focuses on my weaknesses and really helps me actually develop my voice. My higher register is improving by opening up my natural child like sound, really surprising my own abilities. I'm also really glad to have been working in his studio!"
Disco Davoudi

Lets talk about a weekday afternoon time that is good for the boys to study with me.

Yours truly
Rick Washbrook
289 552 1158
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